Red Light Districts in Caracus

  • Carcel Y Monzo – A sleazy area south of Avenida Lecuna bordered by Baralt a few blocks west and Avenida Fuerzas Armadas a few blocks east.

Street Prostitutes

Some recommended locations:

  • Avenida Casanova and Avenida Libertador.
  • Avenida Las Acacias and Avenida Libertador.

Strip Clubs / Night Clubs

Legaland present. Some recommended locations are:

C. C. Bello Campo:

  • Angelus, in the basement C. C. Bello Campo, Nvel. Sótano, it is between the Metro stations Altamira and Chacao, Avenida Gral Bello Campo and near Avenida Francisco de Miranda. 100 Dancers. Prices: Your Drink $B1k, Chica’s drink $B15k, Bar fine, In or Out $B120k. Chica’s Fee US$100-$150, TLN (Todo La Noche = Whole Night) US$200. Tel: 267.4006/3030.
  • Bar Canagua, in the basement C. C. Bello Campo, Nvel. Sótano,.
  • Club Fantasy, in the basement C. C. Bello Campo, Nvel. Sótano,. Prices: US$100.


  • Club de Baco, Final Avenida Casanova, entre calles Chacaíto y Guaicaipuro, Centro Comercial 777.
  • Cats Noir, South of Chacaito Mall.
  • Las Gardenias, South of Chacaito Mall.

Districts Chacao/ La Castellana Border:

  • El Morrison, East of San Ignacio Mall. Prices: 250k.

La Castellana:

  • Divas, In the basement of an office building on the corner of Tranversal 1 (which runs west of Plaza Altamira) and Avenida Prinicpal de La Castellana, immediately north of Restaurant El Budare and one long block south of Plaza la Castellana. Prices: $B150k-200k Bar Fine. Tel: 0212-263-6791.

Sambil Mall:

  • Flash Dance, Avenida Libertador. Prices: $B20k Bar fine, Plus $B20k-40k for Chica.

Clubs with Chicas

Legal and present. Some recommended locations are:

Sabana Grande:

  • Saxo, Avenida Humboldt, between Avenida Sabana Grande and Avenida Casanova.
  • Club Magnifique, Avenida Casanova at Calle Baldo.
  • Capri Casanova, Avenida Casanova.
  • Bucanero, Avenida Casanova and Calle El Colegio.
  • El Maison Del Cairo, Avenida Casanova across from Las Gardenias.
  • Top High Class Show, Avenida Francisco de Miranda, near Plaza Venezuela Metro.
  • Club de Paris, on Autopista Francisco Fajardo, just north of the Lincoln Suites hotel.

Afterhours Clubs with Prostitutes

Some recommended locations are::

  • The New Box, Avenida Casanova.
  • Felinos, Avenida Casanova at Calle 2 and 2da Bello Monte.
  • Fenicia, Calle El Colegio at Avenida Casanova. Not for newbies. Bad Reviews.
  • The Diplomat, Avenida Casanova. Also, Not for newbies.

El Centro:

  • Lobitos, Avenida Baralt, next to the Hotel Eden. Prices: $B50k.
  • The Upscale Magnate Club, Avenida Baralt and Avenida Lecuna, one block from Capitolio Metro Station.
  • Miniteca, Avenida Baralt and Avenida Lecuna.


  • AM, is one block west of CC Sambil.
  • 12:34, is in Las Mercedes.


Legal and present. Brothels in Caracas are called “estudios”. Also see themassage parlor section below. Some recommended locations are:


  • Avenida Francisco de Miranda, near Calle Muneco, close to MacDonald’s, Building Named Andrea, Buzzer # 28, 7th Floor. Prices: $B70k for massage and BJ. There might be only a couple of Chicas.


  • Club Noche de Ronda, basement of Centro Comercial Chacaito, Level Sotano. Prices: Beer $B7k, Chica 120k 30 min., 170k one hour. Tel: 952 0695. Hours: 2pm-10pm, Closed Sunday.

Sabana Grande / Chacaito:

  • The Edificio Volta, 2nd and 3rd Floors, Boulevard de Sabana Grande (Avenida Abraham Lincoln) and near Avenida Humboldt, half a block from Chacaito Metro Station. Small letters Volta on the building. Across from Food Court. 10 Chicas. Prices: $B25k for 15 min., 50k 30 minutes. Open 24 hrs. Not the best Ambience.
  • Los Cazadores, Avenida Humboldt, name on the Building says ED. _ER_UDEZ, Silver Gate entrance, next to Restaurant Gavira, around the corner from Edificio Volta, second floor, a half block away going north is Avenida Francisco Solano. Prices: $B25k for 15 min., 50k 30 minutes. Open 24 Hrs. Not the best Ambience.
  • Edificio Yetauso, spelling not so sure, PH B on Ave Libertador, about 50 mts west of Hotel Crillon on the north side of the avenue.
  • Edificio Avalon
  • Masaspa, Villa Flor in the Eastern Professional office building. This brothel is located about a block from the Gran Melia Hotel, Av. Casanova, URB. Bellomonte. Prices: 170k.

Hotels with Prostitutes

  • Avenida Las Acacias (Calle de Los Hoteles).
  • Hotel Tiburon, Avenida Las Acacias.
  • Hotel Sava, Avenida La Salle. Prices: US$70.
  • Hotel Cuatricentenario, Avenida Casanova.
  • Fantasy, near Plaza Venezuela.
  • Hotel Bar Doral, Avenida 2da, Las Delicias De Sabana Grande, enter from Avenida Libertador and Avenida Francisco Solano. Across the street is Hoteles Cumberland. Call them for Chicas. Tel: 762-4507, 762-4508 and 762-4509.
  • Onix.

American Bars with Prostitutes

San Antonio:

  • Hotel La Naranja, Avenida Las Acacias South, Closest one to Avenida Casanova.
  • El Encuentro, Avenida Las Acacias South, Hotel Liana above.
  • Mi Fantasia, Avenida Las Acacias South, next to Hotel Vox.
  • Embassy Hotel***, Avenida Las Acacias South. Tel: (582) 782 7821, 793 0750.
  • Hotel Ariston, Avenida Las Acacias South.

Massage Parlors

Legal and present. Massage parlors in Caracas are called “estudios” the spanish for studios. Some recommended locations are:

  • Spa Mystic Moment. Prices: Complete $B100k. Tel: 212-271-0186.
  • Cuerpo, Mente y Alma (Mind, Soul and Body). Prices: $B149k for Two. Tel: 265.00.21, 266.01.54.
  • Estudio Masalud. Prices: $B150k.
  • Spa y Algo Mas, Building next to Eurobuilding Hotel, Chuaco, 7th Floor G. Prices: $B100k-$200k.
  • Las Delicias, Edificio Royal Castle, Avenida Principal, 1st Floor, # 11 in Sabana Grande right off Avenida Abraham Lincoln. Call first 762-4726 or 761-5113.
  • Geisha Gentleman’s Spa, Av. Principal de La Castellana, Torre Lara, Nivel Comercial, next to Divas Night Club. 6 Chicas. Tel: (0212) 514 1871, 514 1799, 264 5678, 265 4457, (0414) 332 9639, (0416) 214 7103, (0412) 639 5136. Hours: Monday to Friday Noon to 7pm.
  • Mind Soul & Body, Centro Empreserial del Este Torre Libertador, Nucleo A, Piso 2, Local 21. Tel: 2650021, 2660154, or cell 0414-323 1234.
  • Spa Mystic Moment, close to Metro station La California, exit Av Santiago de Leon, turn right, walk 200 m, then the black building on the right, Edificio Torre Professional La Callifornia, floor PH (Penthouse No 1). 7 Chicas. Price: 190k BsF for sex, no DFK, no DATY, no BJ, this costs more money.
  • Buddha Spa, Av. Las Acacias, Torre Lincoln, Piso 6 G. 7 Chicas. Price: 190k BsF for sex, no DFK, no DATY, no BJ, this costs more money. Tel: 424-5433, cell 0414-390 0728.

Opportunistic Prostitutes

These places contain opportunistic prostitutes:

Bello Monte:

  • La Belle Epoque, Disco, not far away from Chacaito.

CC Bello Campo:

  • El Sarao Disco, Soltano.

District La Castellana: CC San Ignacio:

  • Vintage, Bar Disco, Terrazza level, Centro Comercial San Ignacio, Chacao. Tel: (0212) 262 1766.
  • Suka Bar & Cafe, Level Blandin
  • Whiskey Bar, Level Blandin
  • Li Bar, Level Chaguaramous

District Los Palos Grandes:

  • Café Atlantique, Planta Baja de la Torre Atlantic, al Frente de Viajes Molina.
  • Club 360 Roofbar, Hotel Altamira Suites, cnr 1a Av & 1a Transversal.

Altamira Area:

  • News Café

CC Las Mercedes Area Avenida Las Mercedes:

  • Sawu Bar & Lounge, Calle California entre Monterrey y Mucuchies.
  • Malabar Lounge, Calle Orinoco.
  • Trasnocho Lounge, Centro Comercial Paseo de las Mercedes. Tel: (0212) 993 1325.
  • CC El Tolon Mall, Avenida Las Mercedes and Calle Nicolas Copernico.
  • CC Sambil Mall, Avenida Libertador and Calle Los Angeles.
  • CC El Recreo Mall, Avenida Casanova and Calle El Recreo.
  • CC Santa Fe.

Girl Friendly Hotels

  • Altamira Continental**, Ave San Juan Bosco, Altamira, 82 Rooms. Rates: $50. Tel: 58-212-261 0644.
  • Altamira Suites*****, 1ra Avenida Con 1ra Transversal, Las Palos Grandes. Rates: US260. Tel: 209 3111.
  • Embassy Suites Caracas, Av. Francisco de Miranda en Av. El, Campo Alegre. Tel: 58-212-700-4200, Fax: 58-212-267-3761. Rates: $175.
  • Centro Lido Hotel****, Avenida Tamanaco, Centro Lido, El Rosal, 102 Rooms.
  • Radisson Plaza Eurobuilding Caracas, Final Calle la Guairita, Urb. Chuao Caracas, Venezuela, 1060-A, + (58) 212-902-1111

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