Lima Sex Guide

Lima Sex Guide

The Lima sex guide (Peru) of where to find: prostitutes; brothels; red light districts; erotic massage parlors; strip clubs; sex shops; adult theaters; and escorts.

Lima Sex Scene and Prostitution

Prostitution in Peru is allowed and regulated, as long as the prostitute is over the age of 18. The ownership of brothels is also permitted. Prostitution is widespread throughout the country.

Escorts, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs, sex shops, and adult theaters are also present.

Lima is a big city that can be divided into districts to help in the discussions, below. Some of the main districts are:

  • Barranco – a bohemian beach-side neighborhood known for its nightlife.
  • Central Lima – Includes the Centro Historico, Plaza Mayor (Plaza de Armas) and Plaza San Martin, churches, colonial architecture, the presidential palace, congress, and shopping streets.
  • Javier Prado East – the southeast.
  • Javier Prado West – the southwest, Brena, the historic Pueblo Libre, San Isidro, the business district and the port area Callao.
  • Miraflores – an upscale touristy neighborhood with restaurants, nightlife, and hotels.
  • Rio Lurin South – the far south, south of Rio Lurin.
  • Rio Rimac North – north of Rio Rimac.

Lima Red Light District

A quasi red light district is the touristy area in the middle of the city, Miraflores (Pizza Alley). This is due to the prostitute presence after dark.

Lima Prostitutes (Street Prostitutes)

Below are some of the best areas to find street prostitutes in Lima:

Miraflores – Pizza Alley, Miraflores.

La Victoria – The area around Polvos Azules.

La Victoria / Santa Catalina – Arriola near the Cruz del Sur bus station.

Lima Brothels

Below is a list of brothels in Lima:


  • Pedro Conde 326. piso 1. 5 Chicas. Prices: S/32 20 min., S/100 30 min, S/160 hour. Hours: 11am until 9pm Monday to Saturday. This is a house located in on the third block of Pedro Conde. Ring the ground floor buzzer and a guy comes down from the upstairs apartment.
  • Dragon Hostal. De Petit Thours 2471, on cuadra 27. 3 Chicas. Prices: S/140 40 minutes. Hours: Monday through Saturday 10am until 8pm.
  • Luanys. Calle Ignacio Merino between cuadra 18 and 17. 4-5 Chicas. Prices: S/50, S/70 with BBBJ (bare-back BJ). Ask to be let off at 1740 Ignacio Merino. Once you get there turn your head to the right and you will see a little alley way. Go inside the hostal is right there with a sign outside. It is a hostal with a few girls that have rooms. Say hi and here they will tell you who is available. You are entering this place dropping names so they think you know what you are doing, so you may not have many choices. Just nod and say thank you then they will tell you which room to knock on.

Centro de Lima (Be Careful in this Area):

  • El Botecito. Avenida Argentina, Calle 18. Prices: S/13 Entrance on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesdays, others days S/10, Chica Prices: S/15 30 mins. Hours: 3pm to 10pm.
  • Las Cucardas. Ricardo Treneman 875, corner of Cuadra 9 Av. Colonial at Av. Argentina. 10+ Chicas. Prices: Entrance fee S/20 includes a drink and condom. Two Shifts 9:00 am to 6:00 pm for the first Chicas S/40, not too many chicas this early. Second shift 6:00 pm until it closes. Chicas S/50. Tel: 330-0370, 423-7202, 431-6891. Taxi at night from Miraflores S/8-10, Taxi S/10-15 to go back. Hours: Open until 1am Sunday to Wednesday, 3am Thursday to Saturday.
  • La Nenne. next door to Las Cucardas. 6+ Chicas. Entrance S/5.

San Martin:

  • San Martin Chongo. in the caketa (kah-que-tah) barrio. Prices: Entrance S/1, Chicas S/ 20+. Hours: 7:30pm to 2am. If the driver do not have the exact cross street, ask for the chongo by name and say caketa. It shouldnt be far from Las Cucardas. A taxi from Miraflores should be $10/11 soles. Open 7:30pm till I think 2am. You pay one sole entrance and 20 soles for the girl maybe a little more for gringos.

La Victoria (Not the Safest Area):

  • El Naranjito. near the Gammara Market. Prices: S/14 completo. Hours: from 10am. This is a total shit house brothel (not too many hot girls) located near the Gammara Market. Directions: Take Combi to Arequipa from Miraflores and get off at the cross section of Arequipa and 28 de Julio. Hop a Combi on 28 de Julio towards Gammara Market (50 centimos) and get off on Aviacion and 28 de Julio. Walk across the street to your left on Aviacion (about two blocks) towards Calle Garcia Naranjo passing stalls selling used clothes. Keep looking for a black metal door with the name “Marisol” written on it. Prices: S/14 which depending on the girl includes anal. You should not look too white or too clean if you want to go there. It opens at 10am so get there before 1pm to avoid crooks.
  • La Rica Miel. Av. Alfonso Uguarte 768, Stanford cuadra 7 next to Loaysa Hospital.
  • Hotel Yan Sem. Bauzate and Meza 1573.
  • Hotel (name?) Av. Mexico 1513.
  • Hotel Naranjita


  • Trocadero Club (El Salvaje). Avenida Argentina 1859, Calle 18 at Avenida A. Palacios, near the Minka shopping area, enter door on the right. 200 rooms, 20-30 Chicas. Prices: S/13-S/20 Entrance, Beer S/7, Chicas S/20 30 mins. Hours: 3pm to 10-11pm.
  • El Bote. Avenida Argentina 1859, Calle 18 at Avenida A. Palacios, near the Minka shopping area, enter door on the left. 100 rooms. Prices: S/13-S/20 Entrance, Beer S/7, Chicas S/20 30 mins. Hours: 3pm to 10-11pm.

Los Olivos:

  • Anaconda Bar. Calle las Fraguas 365, Ovalo Naranjal (Pan American Norte), off expressway in a warehouse industrial area, is located diagonal and across the street from La Estacion. Prices: Beer S/5, Chicas S/30 15-20 min. Tel: 529-9842. Hours: Nights only till 2am.
  • La Estacion. Calle las Fraguas, Ovalo Naranjal, Pan American Norte). Prices: Entrance S/1, Beer S/5, Chicas S/30/50. Hours: 24/7.

Below are few more Lima brothels:

  • Las Cucardas Night Club. Jiron Ricardo Treneman 875 – Cercado De Lima. +51 936 102 272.
  • Trocadero Club. Avenida Argentina 1859.+51 999 999 999.
  • La Nenne. right next to Las Cucardas.
  • Dragon Hostal. De Petit Thours 2471.
  • Pedro Conde 326. It is a house on third block of Pedro Conde.
  • El Botecito. Avenida Argentina, Calle 18.
  • Luanys. between cuadra 18 and 17 (Calle Ignacio Merino).
  • El Naranjito. near Gammara Market.
  • La Rica Miel. Av. Alfonso Uguarte 768, Stanford cuadra 7 next to Loaysa Hospital.
  • El Bote. Avenida Argentina 1859.
  • Anaconda Bar. Calle las Fraguas 365.
  • La Estacion. Calle las Fraguas.
  • Entre Juegos. San Martín de Porres. +51 963 756 748.
  • Las Conejitas. Tulipanes 4, Lima. +51 1 7153236.
  • La Nene VIP 1. located in the district of Santa Rosa.
  • La Nené VIP 2. Villa María del Triunfo 15818, Peru. +51 980 680 225.
  • La Colonial. Panamericana Norte Km. 572, Peru.
  • La Miel. Bar chongo located in the District of Independencia, near the Metropolitan station La 50.
  • El Oasis Club. located in the district of Lurigancho in Carapongo Tulips, it has 3 floors available. Located alongside The Condesas.
  • Las Sirenitas. located in Los Olivos, near the Ovalo Naranjal. It has 50 rooms and a large bar to take chelas.
  • El Templo. located near the Ovalo de Puente Piedra just one block from the Panamerican Highway.
  • El EDEN de Lurin. Av. Industrial, Punta Hermosa. +51 975 122 892. (exactly 38 km from the Panamerican south, in the industrial area of ​​Lurin).
  • La Colmena. la 50 calle los taladros 190 independecia A media cuadra del estación el naranjal Independencia, Lima.
  • Paraiso Club. Lotizadora Las Vegas I Etapa, Calle 3 Mz C Lote 02 – Jr San Octavio – Puente Piedra. +51 996 448 891.
  • Sexi Geishas. Av. Santa Rosa, al costado del numero 174 – Ate Vitarte. 914-273-078.
  • Palmeras VIP. Av Trapiche km 4.5, Sub Lote 61, 60F – Comas. 922-309-113 / 929-928-861.
  • Bar Chongo Delicias. Panamericana Norte Puente Santa Luisa – Los Olivos.
  • Hotel Río Santa. Entre la Av. Universitaria y Av. Naranjal, Los Olivos. 984-255-905.
  • Conejitas internacional – Bar Chongo / Primera de Pro. calle Las Empresas 201 – Primera de Pro – Zona industrial. 01 731-6621.
  • Mil Amores / Chongo Bar. Este chongo Bar esta ubicado en la Primera de PRO en los olivos, al costado del mercado Unicachi, el unicachi que esta mas cercano al real plaza, la calle se llama industrial creo.
  • Hostal VISA. Ubicado en comas a 1 Cuadra del Retablo, al frente de la cesar vallejo en un callejoncito.
  • Casita Verde. Av. Los Angeles 543, Comas.
  • Cataleya VIP. Jr Perseverancia 425 Urb Pro Los Olivos, Calle H Mz. I Lte. 3, Av Industrial, Comas. +51 946 968 276.
  • Hostal San Remo. esta ubicado en el cruce de las avenidas tomas valle y universitaria.
  • Hostal Altamira. Av. Antunez de Mayolo 1821, Distrito de Lima.
  • Bar Chongo CHICAGO. Av Universitaria, Mz H1, Lt 5 – San Martin de Porres.
  • Hostal Marbella. Av San Juan, Puente Piedra. +51 1 5484539.
  • Hostal Leo. se encuentra ubicado cerca a la puerta número 7 del mercado Huamantanga en Puente Piedra, tiene letrero con el nombre el telo chongo.
  • Hostal Punto G. Av. Miguel Grau, Puente Piedra.
  • El Barrunto. Ubicado en Bayovar. Antes era conocido como Los Negros.
  • Hostal Cariños. Ubicado en la Av. Chimu.
  • Hostal Lila. Av. Chimu 1187, Zarate.
  • Hotel Venus. Alt. Paradero 10 de la Av. Canto Grande (cuadra 37 de la Av. Canto Grande), o Alt. del Paradero 1 de Huascar.
  • Hotel Casa Blanca. Av. Chimu 1318, Zarate – SJL.
  • Sanguchón Campesino. Av Gran Chimu 1055, San Juan de Lurigancho. +51 1 6935541.
  • Hostal Hilares. Av. Proceres de la Independencia 2209, San Juan de Lurigancho.
  • Departamento Masiel. Av. San Martin 125, departamento 202 – SJL.
  • Divas. Intersección de la Av Próceres de la Independencia y el Jr. Republicana.
  • Hostal Wiesse. Av. Fernando Wise, Mz E8. (Ref: A 1 cdra de Elektra, y al frente de Plaza Vea de Mariscal Caceres). A 20 metros del Grifo, en su misma recta veras el Hotel. 916-594-839.
  • Bar Chongo Bag Dag. Ubicado a 4 cuadras de la estacion del tren en santa rosa, al costado de la madedera Amazonas.
  • Las Lolitas A1. Ubicado en el Distrito de Ate Vitarte, en Ceres Medio al costado del Hostal El Rey en un segundo piso.
  • Denisse. Ubicado en Ate Vitarte, en Ceres Medio, al costado de El Palace.
  • El Kasandra. Ubicado en Ate Vitarte, a 2 Cuadras del Ovalo de Santa Anita, al costado del Hostal Sudamerica, en un segundo piso.
  • Hostal Eisha. Ubicado en Ate Vitarte, a 2 cuadras del Ovalo de Santa Anita, en un Cuarto Piso, a 3 casas del Hostal Sudamerica.
  • El Sabor. Ubicado en Ate Vitarte, en un segundo piso en el paradero Tagore al costado de la tienda El Gallo Mas Gallo.
  • La Casa Blanca. Ubicado en Ate vitarte en un segundo piso, en Vista Alegre, fue clausurado y fue trasladado a la espalda de este mismo chongo en la calle Beta.
  • Kaleta 310. Ubicado en el Paradero Tagore en Ate Vitarte en direccion hacia la Dinoes.
  • Las Sirenitas VIP. av. Nicolas Ayllon 4429, (Carretera Central) esta entre las calle Cosmos y el BCP, en un 2º piso, subir escaleras.
  • La Rica Miel. Ubicado en Huachipa, en una curva de la Ramiro Priale al costado de un Bar restaurante.
  • Cassanova Club. ubicado en Huachipa, cerca al paradero estadio, cuenta con 10 cuartos construidos de manera precaria y es administrado por el Retaco Walter.

For a list of brothels in Peru, please visit Peru Brothels.

Lima Strip Clubs

Below is a list of strip clubs in Lima:

Centro (Up and down Avenida Colmena you will see neon blue lights with barkers outside. These are the strip clubs. Be careful in this area.):

  • Naomi Club. Jr. Ruffino Torrico # 869, in front of the Hotel Crillon. Hours: 24/7.
  • Oasis Strip Club. Avenida Colmena 560. This one of the numerous strip bars you will find up and down Colmena starting at around 7pm at night maybe going to 2am. It had the most people and a really cute assortment of girls. The cost to get in is S/1 and a beer costs S/5. There is a stage with girls dancing to reggae, most were topless but never saw any bush. The deal is there are private rooms in the back and for S/50 you can touch feel each other up etc. It was told the S/50 include a bottle of some kind of drink and when the bottle runs out so does your time. It was also told sex is available depending on the girl you choose. Arrange anything before you go in the back. There is word that an upstairs exists and that sex in a more formal setting takes place however from reading and asking around. There is talk on the Peru Tops board that some girls bullshit you once you get back into the privados so choose carefully. It’s a good place to get loaded for cheap and feel up a girl. This local and the rest on Colmena have a very local crowd so go low key and know some Spanish.
  • Flamingo Strip Bar. Avenida Colmena 686. Same deal as Oasis but on a Friday night less people. The stage is huge and tables surround it. You can chat up a girl for a S/20 drink and MAYBE go to a private room in back.
  • La Rumba (Varadero). La Colmena 592-598.
  • Palmeras 2. Av. La Colmena 691.
  • La Gruta Azul 3. Jr. Quilca 317.
  • El Safari Club. Jr. Rufino Torrico 779. Prices: Drinks S/10.

San Isidro:

  • Club Emmanuelle. Av. Rivera Navarrete 465. 25 Dancers. Prices: Drinks S/7, Chicas US$120. Tel: 422-5055.
  • Eclipse Club. Augusto Tamayo 158, in back of C.C. San Isidro. Prices: S/80 Cover, plus 2 beers, Chica Prices: US$80-100, S/105 exit fee. Tel: 440 4913.
  • Casanova Night Club. Miguel Seminario 365. Prices: Cover S/50, Room fee S/60, Chicas S/100+. Tel: 421-6682.


  • 69 Club. John Paul Sartre 190, corner of Calle Uno with Jr. Allende, up from 18 y 19 de Angamos Este. 10 Dancers. Prices: S/80 Cover, Room Fee S/140. Chica Prices: US$70-$100 hr. Take Out fee S/50. Tel: 225-8294, 225 8218. Hours: Monday to Fridays 7:30pm, Saturdays 9pm.


  • Suites of Barranco. Av. República de Panamá 250. 10 Dancers. Prices: S/80 entrance fee, US$70 exit fee, US$120 Chica TLN. Tel: 247-2892.


  • Moonlight. Calle Preciados 153, Higuereta-Surco. Prices: Drinks S/30, Privados US$120. Tel: 449-3300.

San Miguel:

  • Club Eros. Av. La Marina 2372, near Callao. Prices: S/20 Entry fee, Chicas S/150, Takeout S/50. Tel: 562 0100. Hours: Open 8pm.

La Victoria / Santa Catalina:

  • Madonna Club. Av. Nicolás Arriola 157, First block, Avenida Nicolas Areola, in front of the Clinica Ricardo Palma. A Member is part owner. 10+ Dancers. Prices: Entry fee S/20 includes a drink. Takeout Bar Fine S/70 for two hours, “loss of service to the club fee”. Tel: 470-0163. Hours: Open 8pm to 6am. (Print out the Admission Ticket to show the taxi driver).
  • Golden Peppers. Av. Nicolás Arriola 393. Tel: (511) 472-4232. Hours: Monday to Saturday 8 p.m.
  • Decameron. Carlos Villarán 1067. Prices: Drinks S/4. Tel: 225-5618.

Ate Vitarte:

  • Kamasutra Night Club. Calle Santa Cecilia 265. Tel: 326-0398.

Los Olivos:

  • Scarlett’s Club. in la cuadra 52 de la Calle Los Yunques and Av. Naranjal, near Altura Ovalo Naranjal and also Panamerican Norte. Panamerican 17. Prices: Entry fee S/25, Chicas S/80. Tel: 522-4984. Hours: 24.

Below are few more Lima strip clubs:

  • Naomi. Jirón Rufino Torrico 869, Cercado de Lima.
  • El Oasis Club. Mz I Lote 3A, Urb Tulipanes (Paradero oasis), Carapongo – Huachipa, Lima.
  • Oasis Palace. Av Pachacutec 3211, Villa María del Triunfo. +51 1 2911708.
  • Club 69. Calle Jean Paul Sartre 190, Lima. (01) 225-8218.
  • Las Cucardas Night Club. Gobierno Regional de, Ricardo Treneman, Cercado de Lima. +51 936 102 272.
  • Soho Espectaculos. Av. Nicolás Arriola 840, La Victoria 15034, Lima.
  • Madonna Club. Nicolas Arriola 157, Lima. +51 1 470 0163.
  • Club La Rumba. Jirón Rufino Torrico 176, Cercado de Lima.
  • Palmeras 2. Av. La Colmena 691, Lima.
  • La Gruta Azul. Av. Nicolás de Piérola 768, Cercado de Lima.
  • El Safari Club. Jr. Rufino Torrico 779, Lima.
  • Sixtynine Club by Emmanuelle. Jean Paul Sartre‎ 190, Surquillo.
  • Night Club Las Brujas. Av. los Héroes, Distrito de Lima. +51 931 457 081.
  • Las Suites de Barranco. Av.republica De Panama 250, Lima 04 Barranco, Lima. +51 1 2474308.
  • Club Eros. Av. La Marina 2372, Lima.
  • Golden Peppers. Av. Nicolás Arriola 393, Lima. (511) 472-4232.
  • Kamasutra Night Club. Calle Santa Cecilia 265, Lima. 326-0398.
  • Camel. Av. La Marina 2692, Lima. 5782285.
  • Cabaret Harem. Av. Paseo de la República 4939, Lima. +51 946 099 609.
  • Piso 14. Santiago de Surco 15038, Peru. +51 980 912 561.
  • Casanova. Malvas 115 (alfonso ugarte) Breña, Lima. +51 1 4248283.
  • Tequila Rock. 18 Avenida Ernesto Díez Canseco 146, Miraflores, Cercado de Lima. +51 965 461 809.
  • AURA. Av. Angamos 2681, Lima. +51 1 2681598.
  • ValeTodo DownTown. Pje. los Pinos 168, Lima. +51 1 4468222.
  • La Cueva. Av. Aviación 2514 San Borja – Lima. +51 1 2251413 / +51 954 113 171.
  • Molino Rojo Night Club. Av. LLoque Yupanqui MZ AF Lote 1A – Jicamarca, San Juan de Lurigancho. +51 993 415 408.
  • Leathers Peru Club Mens. cuadra 9, Av. los Héroes, San Juan de Miraflores.
  • Las Divas. San Jenaro 221, Puente Piedra, Lima. +51 962 419 700 / +51 955 823 023.
  • 80 Divas. Av. Petit Thouars 2677, Lince. +51 997 930 408.
  • Zipango Bar & Show. Sanchez Carrion 131, Barranco. +51 1 2474041.

For a list of strip clubs in Peru, please visit Peru Strip Clubs.

Bars / Pubs / Clubs with Lima Prostitutes

Some recommended locations are:


  • Tequila Rocks. Calle Jr. Diez Canseco 146, next to Parque Kennedy. Prices: S/20 Entrance, Chicas US$50-100. Tel: 444 3661, 445 4116. Hours: Open 9pm-9am.
  • Freiheit. Lima 471, in front of Parque Kennedy. Tel: 01/247-4630.
  • O’Murphy’s Irish Pub. Shell 627. Tel: 01/242-1212.
  • Son de Cuba. Bulevar San Ramón 277. Tel: 01/ 445-1444.
  • The Hard Rock Club. off Calles Las Pizzas.
  • Crypto Bar. maybe also known as Zarco Bar.

Gringo Bars (Pick up Spots):

  • Flying Dog Pub. Diez Canseco for early action.
  • The Old Pub. Calle Pizzas for early action.
  • English Pub. Pizzy Alley.
  • Huaringa Bar. located on Plaza Bolognesi.


  • La Posada del Mirador. Pasaje La Ermita 104. Tel: 01/477-1120.
  • Nuevo Acantilado de Barranco. Pasaje La Ermita 102. Tel: 01/247-2145.
  • Amnesia. Bulevar Sánchez Carrión 153, near the municipal square. Tel: 01/477-9577. Hours: Thursday through Saturday.

San Isidro:

  • Tequila Rocks. Republic de Panama 3555.
  • Peppers Nightclub. Navarette 840, local 107-110, at Juan de Arona. Prices: Beers S/10, Exit S/50, Chica S/100. Tel: 221-4320. Hours: Nights. It is located down the street from the Emanuelle Strip Club. You need to go into a mini plaza galleria sort of thing where you will find two tiny bars crowded and very difficult to fit into. Prices: S/10 beers. There are girls available for takeout, about S/50 salida fee. You will see barkers outside on the street before you go into the little galleria.
  • Platters
  • Two Stars


  • Platinum. Prices: S/100.

San Miguel:

  • Tequila Rocks. Av Brazil 902, esq. Red Global. Prices: US$50-100, S/7-8 taxi from Miraflores. Tel: 424 5367, 445 4116. Hours: 7 days 6pm to 9am.

Pueblo Libre:

  • Tequila Rocks. Ave. La Marina 1508. Prices: US$50-100, S/7-8 taxi from Miraflores. Tel: 460 3755. Hours: 7 days 6pm to 9am.

Lima Erotic Massage Parlors

Below is a list of erotic massage parlors in Lima that offer happy endings and extra services:


  • Hotel Bruce Sauna. Jr. Bolognesi 181-191, near Vivanda from Pardo Ave. Prices: S/40 Entrance S/40 Massage, S/300 + for full service. Tel: 445 3198, 445 3200. Hours: 2pm to 2am.
  • Masajes Diez Canseco. 1st block of Diez Canseco, 4th floor. Prices: Massage S/25 30 min., S/35 60 min, Sauna and Massage S/50, S/30 HJ, S/50 BJ. Tel: 241-7207. Hours: 10 am to 10 pm.
  • Ubicado en Masajes. Diez Canseco 1xx, 3rd floor, near Tequilas. Prices: S/35 60 min, Sauna and Massage S/50, S/40 BJ, S/75 Complete.
  • Banos Turcos Britania. Calle Arica 221, a block from Av J Pardo and Cmdte Espinar, Cdra 2. Prices: Massage S/30, Chica S/200. Hours: Monday to Saturday noon to 9pm.
  • Baños Turcos. Manuel Bonilla? #162, button 201. Tel: 241-0263, 241-4300, call first.
  • Sauna Royal Spa. Av. Republica de Panama # 6570, between 28 de Julio and Mariscal Castilla. Prices: S/25 Entrance, S/30 massage, S/150 sex. Tel: 242-2490. Hours: 10 am to 3am.
  • Ozono Spa (Ex-Romano). Contralmirante Villar 760, the back of cuadra 7 de la Av. Del Ejército. Prices: Entrance S/35, Massage S/35, Extras S/300. Tel: 221-1959. Hours: 10am to 1am.
  • La Esperanza 237, 5th floor.


  • Finish Sauna. Calle Jose de la Torre Ugarte # 270, in between Av. Arequipa (cdra 25) & Av. Pettit Thoars. Prices: S/30, S/35 Sauna and massage. Sex: S/100 to 150. Tel: 583-7233. Hours: 7 days 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • Karlos Ysique Salon (Aqua Sauna & Spa). Av. Arenales #2685, at 1 Cdra. Av. Javier Prado. Massage Only? Prices: Entrance S/20. S/40 massage, S/150 extras. Tel: 422-7625. Hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 10:00 pm, Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm.
  • Lion’s Spa. Av. Arenales 2024-2032, Cuadra 20. Prices: Entrance S/20, S/150. Tel: 471-5559, 471-5565. Hours: 24.
  • Emy Spa. Av, Cesar Vallejo 140, Segundo Piso, Cdra 1. Prices: Sauna S/45-50, Extras S/60-120. Tel: 472 8846. Hours: 10am to 9pm.
  • Sauna 693. Av. de Arenales, piso 2, Cdra 6. Prices: Massage S/30. Hours: 10am to 9pm.


  • Turcos (Hotel Los Andes Spa). Av. Angamos Oeste 833, piso 8, near Av. Aviación, taxi NE of markets, with 3 floors sauna showers, Jacuzzi. 6-7 Chicas. Prices: S/20 entrance, S/20 massage, S/4 for 2 condoms, S/70 HJ, S/130 30 min. S/200 hour, full service. Tel: 447-8177. Hours: 24.
  • Sala de Masajes. Av. Angamos Oeste 355, Dpto. 801. Prices: S/30 30 min, S/50 hour, Extras: desnudo S/30, oral S/50, no hay más. Tel: 780-0139. Hours: 10 am to 10 pm.

San Borja:

  • King Spa. Av. Aviación #2938. Prices: Entrance S/20, Massage S/30, Extras S/80-150. Tel: 225-2715, 225-2860. Hours: 24.
  • Banos Turcos Atenas. Av. Aviación 3040, 1er. Piso, Timbre 101, alongside Tacos. Hours: 9am to 9pm.
  • Gold Spa. Av. Aviación 3360, 33rd block. Prices: Entrance S/20 soles, massage S/25 (between 1 pm and 5pm, massage S/15.) Extras: HJ 80, BJ 120, sex between S/160 and S/180 (late night add S/30). Tel: 226-3388. Hours: 11 am to 5 am.
  • Av. Aviación 4222. Prices: Massage S/35, S/60 seminude, oral S/120 and completo S/180, hour. Tel: 273 6969. Hours: 9am to 10pm.
  • Calle Stravinski. cuadra 1, with 24 de la Av. Aviación, in front of Torres de Limatambo. Prices: S/30 45 min. massage, S/80 nude, S/50 oral, S/150 completo. Tel: 226-0536. Hours: 10am to 10pm.
  • Baños Turcos. Mariano #660. Prices: S/100. Tel: 733-7082, call first, password.
  • Ying Yang Spa. Calle Lopez de Ayala # 1098 Office 203, altura de la cuadra 27 de la Av Aviación. Prices: Massage S/40, Extras S/140. Tel: Reservas: 225-4747. Hours: Monday to Saturday 11:00am to 9:30pm.

La Victoria / Santa Catalina:

  • Relax y Vida. Av. Carlos Villaran #121, behind the Interbank. Prices: S/80 entrance, S/35 30 min. Massage, Sauna, HJ, S/60 90 min. Massage Only, if you get anything Extra, Don’t blab about it. Tel: 265-5370.
  • Turcos Arriola (Relax y Vida #2). Av. Nicolas Arriola #290, Dpt. 205. Prices: S/60 entrance, S/50 hour. Massage Only, if you get anything Extra, Don’t blab about it. Tel: 225-0669. Hours: Monday to Friday 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm. Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 10:00 am to 10:30 pm.
  • Tambo Spa and Sauna. Av. Nicolas Arriola 501, Cdra. 5, one block from Av. Canada. 7+ Chicas. Prices: Massage S/30, S/200 full service. Tel: 472 4280. Hours: 10am to 5am.
  • Cavin Spa. Calle Rodolfo Beltran 175, near Quinones Bridge. Prices: S/20, S/26 massage, S/130- S/180 for full service. Tel: 475-9470. Hours: 24.
  • Ely Spa. 2da. Cuadra Nicolas Arriola. Prices: Massage S/45-50, Extras S/150. Tel: 471 6085. Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm.

San Miguel:

  • La Marina Spa. La Marina 2865. 9-10 Chicas. Prices: S/25 entry, S/10 for drinks, S/26 massage, S/120 for sex, S/30 to rent the room. Tel: 578-2476. Hours: 10am to 10pm.
  • Golden Tower. Cruce Av. Universitaria y la Av. La Marina, es un edificio de 8 pisos. Prices: Massage S/35, Extras S/80-120.
  • Hotel Sol y Luna / Baños Turcos. Av. La Mar 2378, (Back of Cine Planet de la Plaza San Miguel). Prices: Massage S/25-35, Extras S/60-120. Tel: 452-2452, 464-5797. Hours: 10am to 10pm.

Las Acacia / La Molina:

  • La Molina Spa. Los Frutales 365. Cuadra 22 de la Av. Separadora Industrial. 10 Chicas. Prices: S/30-S/100. Tel: 349 9383. Hours: Open 9am to 10pm.
  • Banos Turcos La Molina. Av. Los Constructores 496. Tel: (1) 349-8640, (1) 349-8640, (1) 823-5765.

Pueblo Libre:

  • U’omo Spa. Paseo Libertad 299, corner of Av. La Marina cdra. 4. Prices: S/90 hour. Tel: 462-1761. Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.


  • Jr. Ruffino Torrico. 559 piso 4 room 405, located between 3rd and 4th Av. on Avenida Emancipacion. Prices: S/ 10 Massage, CBJ S/10 extra. Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 8pm. You will recognize the street Ruffino Torrico. Go up to the room 404 buzz and then someone will show you to a girl. Prices: The massage is 10 soles then you can choose either manual (jack off) or covered blowjob for an additional 10 soles. Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 8pm.
  • Sala de Masajes. Jr. Ica 121, 4º Piso. Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 8pm.
  • Revital Banos Turcos. near cuadra 15 of Ave. Colonial right before Penas coming from Plaza Dos de Mayo. Prices: S/20 massage, S/120 compeleto. Prices: The cost is S/20 for the massage then S/120 for the completo.
  • Sauna Spa. Oscar R. Benavides 4250, past the cross section where Elmer Faucett and Colonial meet. Go over/under the overpass and look across the street, on the left hand side coming from Plaza Dos de Mayo. 3 Chicas. Prices: S/50 30 min. Hours: 24/7.

San Isidro:

  • Dolphins Spa. Eucaliptos 555, in the Dolphin Hotel/Casino. Massage Only? 2 Shifts of chicas from 8am to 8pm. Besides the standard steam rooms, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, bar, snacks, etc. Hours: 24/7.
  • Baños Turcos Windsor. Miguel Dasso #156. Tel: 440-1050. Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-10pm.

Below are few more Lima erotic massage parlors:

  • Tantra Massage Outcall. Av arequipa 4500, Miraflores, Lima.
  • Masajes Tantricos. Av. la Paz 449 Miraflores Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima, LIMA 18. +51 981 285 712.
  • Masajes Eroticos Miraflores. 15321 Miraflores Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima, LIMA 18. +51 952 366 660.
  • Amadis Sensual Massage. Calle Borgono 8, Lima.
  • Masajes Venecia. Los Olivos. Calle Santos Chocano 1060 – A, 3er Piso. Ref. Entre la cdras 5 y 6 de la Av. Izaguirre. En el Parquesito tipo triangulo. 956-581-006 / 992-423-556 / 6654005.
  • Masajes Renuevate. Los Olivos. Av. Carlos Izaguirre 408 B, 2piso. Encontraras una puerta angosta abierta, solo ingresas al fondo y encontraras una puerta cerrada, donde tocaras el timbre. Ref. Se encuentra al centro de los negocios: Pollos-Parrillas Anita y Jugueria Palacios. Ref. Cruze de las Av. Panamericana Norte y Av. Carlos Izaguirre (En el mismo Ovalo del Megaplaza). 949-344-854 / 949-497-448 / 983-492-429.
  • Masajes Dubay. Av. Universitaria 1612 (La placa esta sin el numero). 3er Piso. 1er Piso es una Clínica Dental – Lima Norte. Ref. Costado de Plaza Vea. Av. Universitaria y Av. Tomas Valle. (Plaza Vea, de la esquina a 4 tiendas, como quien te vas a la Av. Tomas Valle). Cuando llegues a la Dirección Indicada, veras una puerta angosta abierta, ingresas y subes por las escaleras del 3er Piso. Ahí se encuentra la Recepcionista. Si esta la puerta cerrada solo tocas. 986-546-958 // 968-997-911 // 926-496-859.
  • Masajes Bunker Spa. Av. Carlos Izaguirre 142, 4to Piso. (Independencia) Ref. A 3 tiendas de Hiraoka (Como quien te vas a Plaza Vea). El local se encuentra: siguientdo estos pasos Hiraoka, Mifarma (antes Arcangel), Restorant la Hora Sabrosa, y a su costado esta la puerta angosta con escaleras, donde subirás hasta el 4to piso. 999-906-838 / 953-518-774 / 677-0206.
  • Masajes Las Sabrositas. Calle A, Lt 12-B. 2 piso (Los Olivos). Ref. Av Izaguirre cdra4-5. Cevicheria. 959-697-706 / 948-348-588 / 6622543.
  • Masajes Nidra. Av. Alfredo Mendiola 1955, 3er Piso (Los Olivos). Frente a Plaza Norte. 949-497-627 / 948-348-546 / 952-765-289 / 999-155-886.
  • Masajes Princess. Calle Jose Salazar 151 (Los Olivos) Frente del Megaplaza. Costado Parque Salaverry. 953-721-723 / 985-084-412.
  • Masajes Dorados. Calle Jose Salazar 151 (Los Olivos). Frente del Megaplaza. Costado Parque Salaverry. 982-760-747 / 945-129-007.
  • Astrid Sauna & Spa. Mz. A2 Lto.19 Segunda Etapa Alamo, Comas. 910-109-543 / 537-2422.
  • Masajes Hostal Villamor. Av. Las Palmeras 4218, Los Olivos 15301. Ref. A una cuadra de la Av. Los Alisos. 994016673.
  • Masajes Pecados. Av. Angelica Gamarra 1902 (Los Olivos), y la Av. Universitaria. +51 992 066 162.
  • Masajes Keros. Calle Helenios 3849 (Los Olivos). Av Palmeras con Av. Izaguirre. 952-366-660.
  • Masajes Tokyo Spa. Av. Izaguirre 408 B, 2do Piso (Los Olivos). Ref Ovalo Megaplaza. 987-495-116 / 920-486-036.
  • Extasis Spa. Av. Tomas Valle 328, 2piso(San Martin de Porres). Frente a Cinepolis de Plaza Norte. 965-723-010 / 967-291-700 / 984-340-886 / 734-1117.
  • Masajes Valby. Av antunez de Mayolo 1047 (Los Olivos). Por Plaza Vea y el Mdo Covida. 928-202-937.
  • Masajes Amarilis. Alfredo Mendiola 3759 (Los Olivos). Ovalo del Megaplaza. 990-195-958 / 952-367-451 / 984-340-886.
  • Masajes Angels Spa. Av. Sergio Bernales, Cercado de Lima. +51 955 317 809.
  • Marabu Spa. José De la Torre Ugarte 151, Lince. +51 951 222 129.
  • Jr Trujillo Rimac. JR TRUJILLO RIMAC Gobierno Regional de Lima, LIMA 26. +51 946 633 672.
  • Templo del Buda. Av. Petit Thouars 3515 San Isidro Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima, LIMA 01. +51 955 536 100.
  • KalaxSpa. Av. Javier Prado Este 210, San Isidro. +51 922 624 424.
  • GM Spa Lince Masajes Tantricos. Jirón Manuel Segura Cuadra 7, Lince. +51 953 427 722.
  • Kinesióloga VIP Miraflores. Calle San Martin, Miraflores LIMA 18. +51 959 747 638.
  • Mistress Perú. ENRIQUE MEIGGS 300 Miraflores Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima, LIMA 18. +51 994 308 428.
  • Janet Barboza Spa. Av. Antunez de Mayolo 913, Los Olivos. +51 1 3339706.
  • Masajes Armonía. Av, Las Violetas 114, Independencia. +51 960 687 199.
  • Motivos Spa. Av. Antunez de Mayolo 857, Los Olivos. +51 1 2727189.

For a list of erotic massage parlors in Peru, please visit Peru Erotic Massage Parlors.

Lima Swingers Clubs

Below is a list of swingers clubs in Lima:

  • DUOSS CLUB. Tomás Valle 2264, Lima. +51 977 611 432.
  • G Club & Lodge. Surco, Lima. 985252576 / 991357640.
  • Melle Rouge. Lima. 979 664 184.
  • Venuss Club Sauna. Av. Tomas Valle 2266, San Martín de Porres, Lima. +51 969 258 088.

For a list of swingers clubs in Peru, please visit Peru Swingers Clubs.

Lima Sex Shops

Below is a list of sex shops in Lima:

  • Peru Sex Shop. Av. Aviación 5092 Tda. 119 Primer piso – C.C. Sta Rosa – “Ovalo Higuereta”, Santiago de Surco. +51 1 2733311.
  • Sex Toys Peru. Jirón de la Unión 835, Cercado de Lima. +51 1 4282589.
  • Entre Pareja. Av. Arenales 1624, Lince. +51 1 6221274.
  • Tusexshopperu. Av. Nicolás de Piérola 1144, Cercado de Lima. +51 1 4321301.
  • De Alcoba. ESQUINA, Calle Esperanza, Calle Alcanfores 184, Miraflores. +51 1 4458970.
  • Vibradores Peru. Av. República de Venezuela 1179, Breña LIMA 05, Peru. +51 997 003 284.
  • El Beso Rosa. Jirón de la Unión 835, Cercado de Lima. +51 990 530 232.
  • De Alcoba. Centro Comercial Shoping Center, Av. La Mar 2275, San Miguel. +51 1 4458970.
  • Sexshop Miraflores. Pje. los Pinos 180, Miraflores. +51 1 3801620.
  • Sexshop Lince. Av. Arenales 1581, Lince. +51 1 4717736.
  • Sex Secretos – Lenceria Sexy. Centro Comercial Via Veneto Jr. de la unión 835 – tienda 201 – Lima Cercado. 426-3136 / 996-191625.
  • Sexshop Miraflores. Av Jose Larco 101, Miraflores. +51 1 2433398.
  • Bathmate Peru. Av. Arenales 1581, Lince. +51 1 4717736.
  • Peru Sextoys. Pje. los Pinos 190, Miraflores. +51 1 4321301.
  • Sexshop Surco. Av Santiago de Surco 3010, Santiago de Surco. +51 997 003 284.
  • Magia y Seducción. Av. Aviación 5092, Santiago de Surco. +51 1 2663439.
  • Foreplay Perú. Calle Esperanza 293, Miraflores. +51 977 999 162.
  • Testo Ultra PERÚ. Jirón Ucayali 443, Cercado de Lima. +51 955 900 007.
  • Sex Shop Delivery. Jirón de la Unión 835, Cercado de Lima. +51 1 4282589.
  • Sex Shop A1. Av. Benavides 347 Tda.39, C.C. EXPOCENTRO, Miraflores. +51 1 4282885.
  • Sexshop Comas. Av. Tupac Amaru 3092, Comas. +51 999 188 884.
  • Fantasia Sexual. av. alfredo mendiola 7923 of 201 piso 2, LIMA, Los Olivos. +51 931 568 025.
  • Sexo Ofertas. Jirón de la Unión 446, Cercado de Lima. +51 1 2849206.
  • Sexshop Pecados. Av. Camino Real #497, San Isidro. +51 979 033 560.
  • Sexjuguetes. 15001, Jr de La Union 773 Of. 202 Cercado de Lima, Cercado de Lima. +51 999 238 999.
  • Adam & Eve Stores. Jiron Monterrey 282, Tienda 101, C.C. Caminos del Inca, Santiago de Surco. +51 1 6964506.
  • Fleshlight. Av. Arenales 1581, Lince. +51 952 304 619.
  • Bazar Natural Sex Shop. Centro Comercial Unicachi, Av. Abancay 1054, Cercado de Lima. +51 988 319 103.
  • Sexshop Sexy Tasty. Centro Comercial Canturias, Interior 130, Calle Cantuarias 140, Miraflores. +51 990 094 100.
  • Sex Shop Santa Anita. Jirón Flamencos 136 Tercer Piso Of. 303, Óvalo, Santa Anita. +51 984 266 746.
  • Sexshop A1. calle las alondras 311, Santa Anita. +51 971 278 508.

For a list of sex shops in Peru, please visit Peru Sex Shops.

Lima Adult Theaters

No adult theaters found. Please comment below if you have any suggestions.

Lima Escorts

Lima escorts are legal and present.

For Lima escorts, especially independents, you are best off checking online listing websites. Some websites that get good reviews are:

These sites are popular because they don’t charge the escorts to list. Therefore there are not just escort agencies or high class prostitutes that have a large marketing budget. In other words, you will be able to view escorts for all budget sizes.

Confused by any of the sex terms on this page? Check out for definitions on sex-related terms, abbreviations, and local terms.

Thanks for using the Lima Sex Guide!

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  • Mongering Mo says:

    Lima Prostitute Report

    I just got back from mongering in Peru.

    Pizza Street is the main nightlife area and there was usually some Lima hookers walking the street there, of mixed quality. The official name is Calle de Pizzas but most locals just call it Pizza Street.

    There are street walkers outside on this street but also there are prostitutes inside some of the clubs, particularly Sabor Club. There is a bar on Petit Thouars on the corner of 17th street called Mquisipa that also gets bar prostitutes.

    Other areas to look for Lima prostitutes would be at Polvoz Azules in La Victoria, close to the Cruz de sol bus station on Arriola, or Avenida Larco and Saint Martin. Overall though your best chance to find hot Lima hookers is either at Mquisipa or around the Pizza Street nightlife area.

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