Red Light District in Guayaquil

Salinas or “18th street” (Zona de Tolerancia), is considered the quasi red light district due to the presence of street prostitutes.

Street Prostitutes

  • Salinas or “18th street”, is the traditional center of prostitution of Guayaquil. Street prostitutes here charge about 8 USD. Not that safe after dark. There have also been report of druggings.
  • Supermercado de los Revuelos (The Pickup Market) in Garzocentro. Sunday nights.
  • Infierniti (Infiniti) / Otto, A discotheque with a beer bar outside. The best time is just before closing time. (Pros or non-pros)
  • 9 de Octubre Boulevard, occassionallly.

Strip Clubs

Legal and present, usually effectively brothels. Some recommended locations are:

  • Isla del Tesoro • Avenida del Periodista, junto al chifa chica
  • Excalibur
  • Pilates
  • Juniors, fun place with $15 entrance (with free bar). Nice place for touching girls and get rid of $1 bills. Privates available for $25 and upstairs there are rooms for “more intensive” business. Nice girls and quite ok quality.
  • Amadeus, ok place, nothing too special.
  • Odisea Romana, few blocks from Hampton Inn. Take out gets a lot cheaper when they are about to close down.
  • Lucky Lady, La de la vuelta y la que cruza.
  • EsTaurus, Garzota. Has live sex shows.
  • Buffalo Bill, Garzota. Western Styled bar.


Legal and present. Most towns of any size will have at least one chongo (brothel). Some recommended brothels are:

  • The Salome has permits in order to operate as a night club and brothel. 50 girls who work there and they have health cards. Time with a girl costs minimum $ 15, and $ 3 more for the room.
  • Salamane, The new adress for club Salame is Garcia Aviles and Quisquis. Price for 25min is $12.50. beers $1. Hrs: 7pm to 1am. Admission $1 – do not pay any more than this. Some doormen will try to make you pay $5 if u are a gringo. Don’t pay that much. Now days there is still some mongering business practised in the Salamane’s old address as well (“Guayaquil centro – esquina de Velez y Quito.”). Some people say that Salamane has actually moved back to the old address. Confusing, right? Ask a taxi driver, he knows which one is the correct location.
  • El Gato Rocks, entrada $1.50 and girls $15. Nice rooms.
  • El Imperio is a bit further from centro- $8 taxi. But worth going to. About 50 girls working, cost $8.
  • El Gato is located in Km 6 1/2 via daule. There is a big sign that says gato 500 meters with a sign that points in the right direccion.
  • La Gata Teresa, Atras del yeyo Uraga. Has nice looking ladies to take out and fair prices.

Massage Parlors

Sex Shops

Escort Services

Love Hotels

Girl friendly hotels

  • Grand Hotel.
  • Marco Polo Hostel.

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