Sex Shop

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Sex Shop

Although the term Sex Shop can mean a brothel in certain countries, generally else where in the world the term means a shop that sells adult items including: pornographic magazines: adult (x-rated, dirty) movies, sex toys (dildos, vibrators, butt plugs); lube, contraceptives and various sex enhancing tablets, lotions and accessories. In the USA and Canada the term Adult Store is more often used. Professional Ladies tends to stick with the Sex Shop term for consistency. There is no intended difference.

The size of the sex shop and the variety of items sold varies. It could be a small hole in the wall (say in Colombia) to a mega chain in the USA. In some countries there are no actual sex shops, just street vendors selling similar items. And of course, nowadays there are a lot of online sex shops. However, sex shops are legal and present in the majority of the world, except for some very strict Muslim countries.

Some sex shops may also provide viewing booths, where a video can be chosen and watched, or  channels can be surfed. This is fairly common in the USA and Canada. Sometimes there are buddy booths, where a partner can be taken. Sometimes there are glory holes, where a penis can be inserted to be sucked on. Some Sex Shops in some cities in Europe, such as Amsterdam and London, may also have peep shows or strip shows.

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