Private House Brothels in the Netherlands

In Amsterdam there are around 10 Private House Brothels, that are locally known as Privéhuizen (which translates as “private houses”). (There are more outside of Amsterdam). These are similar to the sex clubs, with a few key differences: they tend to be located in residential neighborhoods, they don’t have public bar areas, and they are generally cheaper and more relaxed. You won’t have to worry about the taxi scam and the champagne hustle described below because the private house/brothels mainly attract more of a mellow clientele, including many locals who wouldn’t put up with the nonsense that goes along with most of the sex clubs.

For anyone who’s interested in getting off but doesn’t want to negotiate on the sidewalk of a crowded tourist district, or get caught up in some elaborate scam in one of the sex clubs, the private houses serve as a welcome option. They offer the utmost in privacy, discretion, and comfort, and at prices that are usually lower than in the Red Light Districts.

How the Private House Brothels Work

Private House Brothels are generally in residential areas and are usually in a converted house or large apartment. The front door is usually only indicated by a small and discreet sign and perhaps symbols of the credit cards they accept on the window. You buzz or knock to get in and a hostess will greet you alone and lead you into a small and comfortable room where you’ll be seated. A main part of their business is doing everything they can so customers will never see each other, which is very different from the sex club experience.

Some places actually have a menu with a price list of various options and their costs, and if so you’ll be shown that shortly after you arrive. After you tell the hostess what you are after she will then leave to round up all the available girls, who will, one by one, come in the room and introduce themselves. At most of the brothels there are between five and ten girls working at a time, but of course this depends on the day of the week and the time of day. It’s important to remember the name of the one you prefer because after they each come and go the hostess will come back to ask which girl you’d like. If none struck your fancy you can leave and you won’t pay anything, but if you found one appealing you’ll ask for her. She will then meet you and take you to a private room that has freshly cleaned sheets on the bed.

There will usually be either a shower or a bath attached to the room, but this will cost more. The hour (or half hour) will begin by her asking you to wash up a bit, and if you are lucky she’ll join you in the shower or tub. After everyone is clean and ready you’ll typically be treated to a full body massage, which could use up the rest of the first half hour. You can cut the massage short or skip it if you prefer, but this is often a highly arousing experience.

Most people pay for an hour and if they are finished sex early they can hang around and enjoy the girl’s company. Depending on the girl and the house you might be able to talk her into another go around if you have time left. You won’t be rushed out of the room no matter what though, as long as you’ve paid for your time there.

As your prepaid time is running out you might be asked if you’d like to extend it by paying more right then. If you are a first timer you should only pay for half an hour to begin with, and see how it goes. I try to still stick to this rule myself, only paying upfront foe a whole hour if I have been with the girl before and like her.

Some places will tell you when the paid time ahs expired, and others will just let the time go by and charge you the extra at the end. So make sure you ask in advance or don’t lose too much track of time. My suggestion: Always take a watch.

On your way out the girl or the hostess will usually make sure the lounge area and hallways are free of other customers, so you can usually just slink back outside without ever seeing another person aside from the hostess and the girls themselves.

Private House Brothel Prices

Some might find it surprising that this classy and pressure-free experience is actually (sort of) cheaper than the window girls in the Red Light District. For a standard €50 in the red light districts you will get 15-20 minutes of half and half, with likely some up selling. At the private house brothels the usual hourly charge is €80 for a full hour, or €55 for half an hour, but this includes everything “normal”, although a bath/shower will cost from €10 to €40 extra. Special desires: Cum in Mouth, anal, etc. will cost more however (if the particular prostitute agrees to it at all).

Some experienced customers recommend tipping extra at the beginning to make sure the girl is ready to play, and others recommend tipping at the end to make a good impression if you plan on returning. Tipping in general is optional though, so if you don’t tip you shouldn’t get any attitude.

Payment can be made in cash or credit card, although with credit cards you can expect an extra fee of around 10% on top of the price.

Private House Brothel Locations

There are many private house brothels in Amsterdam, and some are famous. Only one of the better known private house brothels is actually in the Red Light District, and it’s really more of a Thai massage place with extra services available.

Some recommended private house brothels are:

  • Amsterdam Prive. Overtoom 443. 020-618-9110. 10 am to 1 am Sundays through Wednesdays, and until 2am Thursdays through Saturdays“Happy hour” from 8pm to 10pm on Wednesdays.
This private house is near the far end of Vondelpark and is considered one of the classier brothels in Amsterdam. They have a pretty good website if you can read Dutch (or use a translator), which even has photos of the place and some of the girls.
  • Asmara. Willem De Zwijgerlaan 70. 020-618-4069. 10am to midnight every day.
Asmara is about one kilometer from the city center, and not near any famous land mark so take a taxi here, or tram 12, 13, or 14, which will take you within 100 meters of the door. Their helpful website says they have 31 girls on staff, and includes sexy photos of some of them. Prices at this one start at €130, but that includes everything, even drinks.
  • Club Bianca. Amstelveenseweg 145 020-662-4280.
This brothel is in a residential neighborhood south of the far end of Vondelpark, so you are best off taking a taxi or a tram to get here. They don’t have a website, but readers generally give the place good reviews.
  • Love Club 21 Koestraat 21. 020-620-5307. 2pm to 2am every day.

This place is considered quite plain and basic compared to some of the other private house brothels, but it’s in the Red Light District so it does okay. This is more of a Thai massage place that guarantees a happy ending for an additional fee. All of the girls here are Thai or something very close, so if that’s your thing this is a good option. Their website doesn’t have photos, but it does actually have a price list.

  • Park 118. Sarphatipark 118. 020-672-3022.Hours: 10am to 1am except Sunday when they open at noon
Park 118 is not far past the Heineken Brewery and the AlbertCuyp Street Market. It is actually part of a small brothel chain that is well regarded in the Netherlands. It is quite nice and relaxed inside, and a few photos on their website confirm that, although the site is in Dutch and even when you translate it there isn’t much information.
  • Jan Bik Buitenwieringenstraat 3-5. 1013 GH Amsterdam
. 020-6222785. NOW CLOSED.


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