Go Go Bar

Go Go Bar

The Go Go Bar establishment is present in several countries in South East Asia and in the USA where the concept was conceived in the 1960s. However, there are present day differences between the two.

The term has been used by venues that cover a wide range of businesses, from nightclubs or discotheques (where dancers are essentially there to set the mood); to what are in essence burlesque theaters or strip clubs (where dancers are part of a show and the primary focus); to prostitute pick up locations (South East Asia).

Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, and particularly in Thailand and parts of the Philippines, a Go Go Bar can include a wide variety of indoor bars with dancers and/or hostesses which typically do not offer striptease. These are most often venues for prostitution, and the dancers are usually available to be bar fined by customers (i.e. taken out for a fee). These are often, but not exclusively, found in red light districts catering to foreigners.

United States

In the United States The term Go Go Bar is often used for certain sorts of strip clubs. A Go Go Bar is considered lower in class than Gentlemen’s Clubs, which offer a more coordinated and show-centric experience. In a Go Go bar: There is no Champagne Court; Dress codes are more lax for both patrons and performers; There are no staging, choreography, or special effects considerations; A House Mother monitors activity and assists performers in the dressing area; Featured performers usually do not perform at go-go bars.

The Go Go Club concept originated in the 1960s where club goers wore miniskirts and knee-high, high-heeled boots, which eventually came to be called go-go boots. Night club promoters in the mid‑1960s then conceived the idea of hiring women dressed in these outfits to entertain patrons.

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