Sex Trade Definitions

Sex Trade Definitions

There are several terms in the sex trade that you may need more information on. This page defines those terms, and provides links to more detailed discussions. We would like to acknowledge for allowing us to use their definitions. They provide a more fuller discussion and definitions of all things sex related. The definitions here are focussed on those terms used on the pages of Professional Ladies.


Prostitute – A woman who has sex for money. See street prostitute or bar prostitute.

Whore – Another name for a prostitute. This term is not used in Professional Ladies, as it is derogatory.

Street Walker – Another term for Street Prostitute.

Street Prostitute – a prostitute that solicits on the streets.

Bar Prostitute – a prostitute that can be picked up in bars.

Bathhouse – A place to bathe … and get sex. A type of brothel.

Soapland – A bathhouse. A place to get sex. A type of brothel.

Brothel – an establishment where sex can be purchased. There are rooms available on site, or close by.

Massage Parlor – Massage parlors exist in various forms. Some only offer massages. Some may offer extra services depending on the masseuse. These can be hand jobs, blow jobs, or full sex. So called Happy Endings. Others are plain and simple brothels – and get around any laws that may restrict the operation of brothels. Always bet to call ahead, or check before paying for a massage, to save disappointment.

Erotic Massage Parlor – See massage parlor.

Strip Club – a club, or bar, where the strip run way, or pole, and women take off their clothes (strip) The types vary. Some are not full nudity. Some are. Sometimes lap dances

Whore House – another name for a brothel. Not used in Professional Ladies, as whore is considered derogatory by some.

Sex Shop – a shop (store) that sells adult items – such as adult toys, magazines and videos/DVDs. The same as an adult store, but the term sex shop is used in Professional Ladies. In a few countries, sex shop may mean a brothel.

Adult Store – The same as a sex shop. a store (shop) that sells adult items – such as adult toys, magazines and videos/DVDs. The same as a sex shop. The term sex shop is used in Professional Ladies.

Adult Theater – the same as a sex cinema, adult theatre and Kitty Theater. A movie theater / cinema that shows pornographic movies on a big screen.

Sex Cinema – the same as a an adult theater, adult theatre and Kitty Theater. A movie theater / cinema that shows pornographic movies on a big screen.

Viewing Booths – a small both where a person can watch pornographic movies by themselves. The movies are on a television sized screen, and may be in the form of channels, or a movie selected from the front desk. Usually there is a seat, and the door can close … but not always.

Buddy Booths  – A Viewing Booth where there is room for two people. Sometimes prostitutes hang out near these locations to provide company. Watch out for gays though, unless you are into that.

Red Light District


Latina – a prostitute (girl) of latin descent, i.e. from Latin America.

Casa de Chicas – This means a “house of prostitutes (girls)” in Spanish, another name for a brothel.

Casa – see Casa de Chicas.

Chica – This means “girl” in Spanish, and is often used to refer to a prostitute.

Hooker – an alternative word for a Prostitute, generally not use in the pages of Professional Ladies.

Escort – basically a Prostitute, though they tend not to work the streets. They advertise online (such as on or in magazines/newspapers. They can work independently, or for escort agencies. The term escort is often used in countries where the lw limits the activity of prostitutes, because technically an escort only sells companionship. Everything else is between consenting adults of legal age, in private.

Escort Agency – An agency that has several escorts on staff. The agency takes care of marketing and logistics.

Escort Services – Any escort services provided by independents or agencies.


Swingers Club – A club where like minded adults play. Sometimes free, or fees to cover costs, such as hotel rental. Sometimes single males are charged extra to participate whilst couples are subsidised. Some will also have prostitutes present, but this is not common.

Glory Hole – a hole in the wall, usually in an adult theater or video booths where one can place their penis so that a lady on the other side will suck. Sometimes there is a charge, sometimes it is free. You may want to endure that it is actually a lady doing the sucking.

Viewing Rooms

Peep Show – Common in places like London, UK and Amsterdam. A lady dances or performs in a room surrounded by viewing windows where men can stand and look in. Uusally the peeping window is open a time interval dependent on how many coins have been deposited,

Lap Dance – These take place in strip clubs where the stripper will give a private up close, on the lap, dance for a fee, such as 20 USD. Depending on the jurisdiction, touching may or may not be allowed.

Private Show

Private Dance

Full Service – The services provided by a prostitute that includes full penetrative vaginal sex.

Half and Half – A common service provided by prostitutes which starts with a blow job and ends in full, penetrative, vaginal sex.

Oral Sex – when a prostitute (person) provides fellatio (or cunnilingus). Sometimes to orgasm, sometimes in prep for full sex.

Girl Friend Experience (GFE) – when a prostitute provides a sexual experience that could be similar to what you would expect from a girlfriend. More loving / tender. 

Girl Friendly Hotel – a regular hotel that will not prevent you from bringing a prostitute back to your room. However, often they have to leave ID at the front desk, or you may have to register them and/or pay a fee. 

Hand Job – when a prostitute (person) provides manual stimulation, often to orgasm.

Independent Escort – an escort not affiliated with an agency. A free lancer.

Love Hotel – a hotel that charges rooms by the hour (or less, or more). They are aimed for couples wanting sex (perhaps away from a crowded home), or prostitutes and their clients.

Porn Star Experience (PSE) – when a prostitute provides a sexual experience that is more similar to what you would see in a porno movie. More hardcore.


Toda La Noche (TLN) – Spanish “for all night”, in this instance – the services of a prostitute.

If the word, phrase or abbreviation that you want a definition for is not in the above, then please consult which is a more complete resource.


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