Renobar, Santa Marta, Colombia

Renobar, Santa Marta, Colombia (December 15, 2017)

I visited the Renobar in Santa Marta (Colombia) again in December, 2017. Although it is listed as a strip club, there is not so much stripping going on. However, I went there early (8/9) on weekdays, and before the tourist season picked upĀ in late December. The girls are better than the street prostitutes; i.e. appear to be drug and disease free. The quality was not exceptional, but at the times I went there were approximately 10 girls and just me.

For the rooms you now need to leave the bar and go around the corner to the girl’s rooms. A few years ago the rooms were accessed from the bar. I think, however, that this may have been because the one girl I stuck with was from Venezuela and was living there. For the other local girls the rooms may be still accessible from the bar. I will try and find out.

The girl I was with charged me 70 mil for 40 minutes. An extra 10 was needed for the room. She also asked for an extra 20 for food after, which I considered as a tip. She did give good service.

By the way, I did try to find some online independent escorts at but was not successful. The street prostitutes seemed a bit to dodgy (disease/drugs) but there are several 1 to 3 Carreras back from the beach. They seem to move closer to the beach front the later it gets. Generally Calle 11 and perhaps the next 6 or 7 calles (Renobar is on Calle 10c, about three blocks in).

Renobar – Video

This short video clip pretty much sums up the atmosphere.

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