The sex guide to: prostitutes; brothels; red light districts; massage parlors; strip clubs; swingers clubs; sex shops; adult theaters; and escorts in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Sex Scene and Prostitution in Columbus

Prostitution and brothels are illegal in USA, except in the State of Nevada. However escorts, massage parlors, strip clubs, sex shops, swingers clubs and adult theaters are all legal.

For a map of massage parlors, strip clubs, brothels, swingers clubs, sex shops and adult theaters throughout the world, We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Red Light Districts in Columbus

There is no red light district in Columbus.

Street Prostitutes

Street prostitutes in Columbus charge $20-$40 for hand-job, $20-$50 for blow-job and $40-$80 for sex.

Street Prostitution Locations

Sullivant Avenue. This area is known for street prostitutes. The city has installed some cameras to deter prostitution but it is still present. Some people call it the Sully 500 when they are making laps going around looking for prostitutes.


Brothels are illegal in USA, except in the State of Nevada. Please visit Nevada Brothels for a list of Legal USA Brothels. Thanks!

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Strip Clubs

Columbus has a number of great strip clubs, even though it’s a small city. Our recommended locations are:

  • Centerfold Club

2830 Johnstown Road Columbus, Ohio

The Centerfold strip joint is adjacent to the Port Columbus Airport. The Centerfold Club is spacious, with two full runways, a private booths and champagne room for lap-dances, with personalized attention.

  • Columbus Gold

5411 Bethel Sawmill Center, Ohio

Columbus Gold bills itself as the “number 1 strip joint in Ohio”, and it’s not hard to argue that it might be. Columbus Gold is known for very hot girls, but it also specializes in bringing in adult movie actresses and magazine models.

As most top end strip clubs do now, Columbus Gold has a large selection of great cigars and top shelf liquor. During the weekdays, Columbus Gold offers various specials ranging from happy hours to 2 for 1 champagne room specials and free buffets.

Columbus Gold is a good destination for client entertainment and bachelor parties. It is on the higher side in terms of price, but it certainly is a reasonable value as Columbus Gold delivers a premium strip club experience.

  • The Dollhouse of Columbus

1680 Karl Court, Ohio

The Dollhouse gives an old time feel, and is one of the oldest strip clubs not just in the Columbus area the entire central Ohio region.

  • Dreamgirls

6190 Cleveland Avenue, Ohio

Dreamgirls Columbus is one of the most equipped and organized strip clubs and therefore strip club experiences in the Columbus area. They have 25 plasma televisions for sports viewing, a well timed and choreographed live performance with more than enough dancers working at all times, and a very exciting VIP Lounge for very personalized attention that includes not only the company of the girl of your choice, but also personal televisions, private dining and an exclusive bar tender.

  • Kahoots Gentlemen’s Club

4522 Kenny Road, Ohio

All the bases are covered here, as the VIP Booths and Champagne Room are top end, the food is good and the strippers very sexy.

Below are few more recommended strip clubs:

  • A-1 Lace • 5385 Sinclair Rd • (614) 444-6000
  • Carmen’s • 3009 Morse Road • (614) 337-2707
  • Centerfold Club • 2830 Johnstown Rd • 614-475-8911
  • Club Isis • 753 Harmon Ave • (614) 357-9019
  • Club Paradise • 2175 S. High Street • (614) 444-3321
  • Club Princeton • 425 South Princeton Ave • 614-275-9861
  • Club X Show Bar • 6225 Sunderland Dr • 614-885-5566
  • Columbus Gold • 5411 Bethel Sawmill Ctr • 614-764-0500
  • Diamond Jim’s (was Stella’s) • 1381 S Hamilton Rd • (614) 231-0053
  • Dreamers Lounge • 3708 Cleveland Ave • 614-471-4634
  • Escape • 2210 E Dublin Granville Rd • 614 899 3077
  • House of Babes • 2595 S High St • 614-491-0200
  • Kahoots Gentlemen’s Club • 4522 Kenny Rd • 614-451-7464
  • Private Dancer • 3609 Trabue Rd • 614-488-8013
  • Rachel’s Show Bar • 6065 Channingway Blvd • 614-863-2322
  • Road House Revue • 333 Georgesville Rd • (614) 274-3035
  • Sinbads • 1962 Lake Club Dr • 614-863-4242
  • Sirens • 6190 Cleveland Ave • 614-797-2000
  • The DollHouse of Columbus • 1680 Karl Ct • 614-885-8465
  • Trabue Adult Book Store • 3615 Trabue Rd • (614) 628-0088
  • Vanity • 2880 Bethel Rd • 614-764-1700

For a list of strip clubs in Ohio, please visit Ohio Strip Clubs.

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Massage Parlors in Columbus

This house fee usually runs $40 to $80 … and then there are extras.  Our recommended locations are:

Massage Parlour Locations

Li’s Asian Massage
614-336-0888 2606 Billingsley Road, OH, 43235
Chinese and girls from other Asian countries. 60min: $55

The Citadel Relaxation & Wellness Studio
614-547-2169 1100 Morse Road, OH, 43229
Ebony massage, 60 min: $55, 8am-8pm

Golden Tree Massage
614-279-8070 3339 South Blvd, OH, 43204
Sexy Caucasian ladies, 60 min: $80, 10am-10pm

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Swingers Clubs in Columbus

Legal and present. Our recommended swingers clubs are:

  • Pleasuretime Social Club. PO Box 29716, Columbus. 419-946-7211.
  • Club Z. 614-361-5900.
  • Devilz Paradise. 419-283-4948.
  • Club Paradise. 2175 S. High Street. 614-444-3321.
  • Club Princeton. 425 South Princeton Avenue. 614-275-9861.

For a list of swingers clubs in Ohio, please visit Ohio Swingers Clubs.

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Sex Shops in Columbus

  • Adam & Eve

5429 Bethel Sawmill Center, OH 43235 Phone number (614) 210-0919
Nice spacious adult store. Expensive prices on their DVDs and no type of bargain bin section. Located next door to the strip clubs columbus gold and Vanity.

  • The Garden

1174 N High Street, OH 43201 Phone number (614) 294-2869
The Garden is hands-down the best adult store in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Ambiance, The Store For Lovers

175 E Campus View Blvd Columbus, OH 43235 Phone number (614) 840-0166
Ambience is a really cool adult store, with a good selection of lingerie, kinky sex toys and adult movies.

For a list of sex shops in Ohio, please visit Ohio Sex Shops.

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Adult Theaters

Legal. But none known of. Please comment below if any open up. Thanks!

For a list of adult theaters throughout USA, please visit USA Adult Theaters.

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Escort Services in Columbus

Legal and present. Most agencies advertise usually charge $200-$300 for one hour of companionship.  Overnights with escorts cost about $500-$1000.  Please use the search function in the top right of this page as agencies and independents tend to change.

For escorts you are best off checking online listing websites. One popular site is . Another is These sites are recommended because they don’t charge the escorts to list. Therefore there are not just escort agencies or high class prostitutes that have a large marketing budget. In other words, you will be able to view escorts for all budget sizes.

Confused by any of the sex terms on this page? Check out for definitions on sex-related terms, abbreviations, and local terms.

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