The sex guide of where to find: prostitutes; brothels; red light districts; massage parlors; strip clubs; sex shops; adult theaters; and escorts in London, Ontario, Canada.

Sex Scene and Prostitution in London

London is a smaller town, and thus has a smaller sex scene. There are strip clubs here, however. And you can always hook up with an escort. If you have any suggestions/recommendations, please let us all know, below.

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Red Light Districts in London

There is no red light district.

Street Prostitutes in London

Illegal but present. The main location is:

Dundas Street from Maitland Street to Rectory Street in East London – later in the day/evening.


Brothels are illegal throughout Canada. Thanks!

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Strip Clubs in London

Legal and present. Our recommended strip clubs are:

  • Beef Baron. 624 York Street. 519-672-3430.
  • Golddiggers Naked Nightclub. 2010 Dundas Street. (519)- 659-1291.
  • Solid Gold. 219 Dundas Street. 519-432-2700.
  • Famous Flesh Gordons. 2190 Dundas Street E. 519-453-4290.

For a list of strip clubs in Ontario, please visit Ontario Strip Clubs.

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Massage Parlors in London

Legal and present. Happy endings and extra services are often available, depending on the masseuse. Some recommended locations are:

2180 Dundas Street

Sweet City
609 Clarke Road

125 Clarke Road

Blue Lagoon
1472 Dundas Street

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Swingers Clubs in London

Legal and present. Our recommended swingers clubs are:

For a list of swingers clubs in Ontario, please visit Ontario Swingers Clubs.

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Sex Shops in London

Legal and present. Our recommended sex shops are:

  • Stag Shop. 1548 Dundas Street East. 519-453-7676.
  • Stag Shop. 371 Wellington Road. 519-668-3334.
  • Stag Shop. 666 Wonderland Road North. 519-471-9625.
  • Love Shop. 458 Southdale Road East. 519-668-2273.
  • Love Shop. 1790 Dundas Street. 519-204-6009.
  • Sin City Adult Superstore. 6-1560 Dundas Street. 519-455-5454.
  • Spot of Delight. 426 Richmond Street. 519-601-0900.
  • Its Fun Novelties. 181 Dundas Street. 519-673-6257.
  • Sca Superstore. 1-100 Wharncliffe Road S. 519-439-0505.
  • Sca Superstore. 1-330 Wellington Road. 519-439-4114.

For a list of sex shops in Ontario, please visit Ontario Sex Shops.

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Adult Theaters

Legal. But none known of. Please comment below if any open up. Thanks!

For a list of adult theaters throughout Canada, please visit Canada Adult Theaters.

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Escort Services

Legal and present. There are many different escort agencies and escorts advertising online. You have a good variety to choose from. Average cost for one hour of sex with escort is $200-$300.

For escorts you are best off checking online listing websites. One popular site is . Another is These sites are recommended because they don’t charge the escorts to list. Therefore there are not just escort agencies or high class prostitutes that have a large marketing budget. In other words, you will be able to view escorts for all budget sizes.

Confused by any of the sex terms on this page? Check out for definitions on sex-related terms, abbreviations, and local terms.


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