Vancouver Sex Guide

Vancouver Sex Guide

The Vancouver Sex Guide of where to find: prostitutes; brothels; red light districts; massage parlors; strip clubs; sex shops; adult theaters; and escorts in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Sex Scene and Prostitution in Vancouver

Technically, prostitution is legal in Canada.  However, many activities surrounding the profession, such as solicitation and brothels, are illegal. Street prostitution use to be widespread in Vancouver. Unfortunately that is no longer the case due to extensive police crack down.  There are plenty of escort services, massage parlors and strip clubs, which are all legal.

For a map of massage parlors, strip clubs, brothels, swingers clubs, sex shops and adult theaters throughout the world, We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Red Light Districts in Vancouver

There is no red light district in Vancouver.

Street Prostitutes in Vancouver

Unfortunately the street prostitute scene in downtown Vancouver (such as on Seymour Street) is pretty much dead now due to law enforcement efforts in recent years. That is such a shame. 🙁 as there use to be some beautiful street prostitutes here). However, lower end street prostitutes can still be found. Mainly on East Hastings and Kingsway outside of the downtown area, but not too far.

East Hastings (Especially east of Main Street) use to have a lot of prostitutes, albeit not the highest quality. Unfortunately, there has been an extensive police clean up. I went cruising in October 2016, and found just 1(!) after looking for ages. She wanted $20 for the room, and “whatever I could afford” . I had to pass, but she was not too, too bad … just not too, too good either. I went back at a later date and walked further along East Hastings. I found a lot more this time (it was not raining, which helped). There seemed to be a concentration near the Patricia Hotel at 403 East Hastings Street. So this may be a good place to stay (rooms are around $50 per night).

Kingsway is another Vancouver prostitute location. Just follow Main Street out of downtown. This street turns into Kingsway. The Vancouver prostitutes congregate where St. Catherines and Prince Albert intersect with Kingsway, or just if Kingsway in the Kensington-Cedar Cottage neighbourhood. Again, lower end, but some value can be found.

For a slightly more upmarket prostitute experience, my favourite hunting ground was on Seymour Street, where prices tend to start at $100 for full service. ($60 for a blow job). However, I went back in 2016 and there was nothing. Nothing! Very depressing. Ended up going with an escort on You may have better luck on a non-rainy day. But I would not get your hopes up. Most of the better looking prostitutes advertise online as escorts nowadays.

I heard talk of street prostitutes still operating in Gastown. But I could not confirm. I also heard that sting operations also are common here.

It is such a shame what has happened to Vancouver. It used to be such a great city. But, as above,Vancouver prostitutes can still be found.



Brothels are illegal throughout Canada. But some Vancouver massage parlors effectively operate as brothels (see below).

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Strip Clubs in Vancouver

Legal and present. The strip clubs are classy and cheaper when compared to some destinations. The girls are some of the best that you will ever see and they come from all parts of the globe. The strippers in the Vancouver clubs are some of the most talented, great dancers and flexible. You will see everything. Unfortunately, no touching is allowed, even in the private lap dances. This is pretty much Canada wide (though Quebec is less restrictive).

Here is a list of our recommended strip clubs:

Brandi’s Exotic Nightclub
595 Hornby Street @ Dunsmuir St 5th
Tel. +1 604 684 2000
Open Mon-Thurs 7pm – 2am/ Fri-Sat 7pm – 3am
8 dancers per night.

1336 Granville Street
Tel. +1 604 683 5029
Open Mon-Sun 11am – 2am
10 dancers.

Fraser Arms
1450 SW Marine Drive
Tel. +1 604 261 2499
Open Mon-Sun 12pm – 2am
7 dancers.

No 5 Orange Showroom Pub
205 Main Street
Tel. +1 604 687 3483
8 dancers. (I went here, had an awesome time!)

1019 Seymour Street @ Nelson
Tel. +1 604 683 2111
Open Tues-Weds 9pm- 2am/ Thurs-Sat 8pm – 2am
9 dancers.

The Royal Drake
606 Powell Street, Gastown District
Tel. +1 604 254 2826
Open Mon-Sun 11am – 1am
20 dancers.

Uranus Lounge
315 E Broadway
Tel. +1 604 872 8067
Open Mon-Sat 7pm – 2am/ Sun 7pm – 12am.

The Granville Strip
1050 Granville Street. Vancouver

Drake Showroom Hotel
606 Powell street, Vancouver

Please note that the Cobalt on Main Street, is no longer a strip club. This was always a good place to pick up a prostitute. Again. No more. Such a crying shame.

For a list of strip clubs in British Columbia, please visit British Columbia Strip Clubs.

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Erotic Massage Parlors in Vancouver

Asian massage parlors in Vancouver are basically mini brothels with several girls working there, usually in a upscale condo in a high-rise. Prices vary from $50-100 for 1 hour service. Most are concentrated in the Metrotown area, Joyce skytrain station and Richmond (downtown). Extras cost usually $40-$50 for hand job, $40-$80 blow job or $80-$150 for full service.

Our recommended places are:

Pharaoh Massage
604-436-3131 3490 Kingsway, Suite 5 Vancouver, BC, V5R5L7
Caucasian, European, Latina massage

Ocean Relaxation Center
604-738-6222. 1727 Broadway W Vancouver, BC, V6J4W6
$ 60 Chinese massage

Diamond BodyCare
604-205-9234. 3671 Hastings St E Vancouver, BC, V5K2B1
$ 50

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Swingers Clubs in Vancouver

Legal and present. Our recommended swingers clubs are:

  • The FG Club. Vancouver. 604-418-4727.
  • VIP Penthouse Party. Presidential Penthouse Suite.
  • The BonBon Club. Vancouver.
  • Club Eden. c/o Suite 202 – 7231-120 Street Delta. 604-589-CLUB (2582).
  • Northwest Couples and BiFemales. Vancouver.
  • Kat’s Fantasies. Vancouver.

For a list of swingers clubs in British Columbia, please visit British Columbia Swingers Clubs.

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Sex Shops and Adult Stores in Vancouver

You can find these in long Hastings and Granville – including adult theaters and movie booths.

Our recommended sex shops are:

For a list of sex shops in British Columbia, please visit British Columbia Sex Shops.

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Adult Theaters in Vancouver

Legal. But none known of. Please comment below if any open up. Thanks!

For a list of adult theaters throughout Canada, please visit Canada Adult Theaters.

We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

Independent Escorts and Escort Agencies in Vancouver

Legal and present. The way that most adult business is conducted in Vancouver is through the internet. Some escorts have their own websites while others will be found in advertisement websites and classifieds. You can find escorts all over the city, many times offering their services from their residence or hotels. The prices vary from 100 to 300 dollars an hour. I hired the services of some Vancouver Escorts in October and November 2016, and was quite happy with the services provided.

For escorts you are best off checking online listing websites. One popular site is . Another is These sites are recommended because they don’t charge the escorts to list. Therefore there are not just escort agencies or high class prostitutes that have a large marketing budget. In other words, you will be able to view escorts for all budget sizes.

Confused by any of the sex terms on this page? Check out for definitions on sex-related terms, abbreviations, and local terms.


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