Edmonton Sex Guide

Edmonton Sex Guide

The Edmonton sex guide of where to find: Edmonton escorts, prostitutes, brothels. red light districts, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs, sex shops. adult theaters, hookers and blow jobs.

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Edmonton Sex Guide

Prostitution and brothels are illegal throughout Canada. However, strip clubs, massage parlors, and escorts services are all legal at time of writing. If you have any suggestions/recommendations, please let us all know, below.

There are Edmonton escorts, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs, swingers clubs and sex shops.

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Red Light Districts

There is no red light district. Boyle Street use to be notorious for prostitutes, but it has been cleaned up. Prostitution is somewhat scattered across the city.

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Edmonton Prostitutes

Edmonton prostitutes charge $20-$40 for a hand-job, $20-$60 for a blow-job and $50-$100 for sex. Some recommended locations are:

118 Ave, between 95 St to 82 St – most hooker populated area. Large selection of street prostitutes, mostly of the low-end quality, but watch out for the gems. Cruise around Homemade Steak& Pizza, Shopper Drug Mart, and the old Cromdale. A lot of traffic and a popular area for vice to set up, watch out for LE. Most active time is early in the evening before sunset. This area has recently been cleaned up … though action may return.

95 Street, between 107 Ave to 118 Ave – sometimes prostitutes around the Italian Center (hit and miss). Further up 95 Street on the north side of 111 Ave keep an eye of the east side of the road for hookers. The intersections of 112, 113 and 114 Avenue will sport the odd prostitute. Best to check out the area later in the evening after sunset.

107 Ave, between 116 St to 101 Street – good selection with a mix of hookers from crack heads to prostitutes with manicured nails. Easy area to cruise with lots of dark side alley streets. Good selection at anytime.

124 Street, between 111 Ave to 118 Ave – few nice prostitutes (hit and miss). Lots of apartments with young single white mothers looking to earn extra money. Worth a drive late in the evening during the weekdays, not so busy on the weekends. Best to cruise during the week nights, avoid the weekends.

95 Street, between 102 Ave to 107 Ave – Once the most populated area, not so busy anymore. The odd aboriginal or crack head whore. Worth the occasional drive through, just don’t waste all your day in the area.

118 Ave, between 75 St to 36 St – Was good place in the past (the area is now patrolled by the local residence). The occasional gem will appear around 50th Street or 42nd Street. Worth a drive later in the evening during the week night, not recommended on the weekends.

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Edmonton Strip Clubs

Edmonton strippers are quite naughty and usually willing to do all kind of dirty things with you. Entrance is usually $5-$15, lap-dance $20-$40. The recommended strip clubs in Edmonton are:

  • Eden Edmonton. 13120 97st. 780-457-8318. Highly recommended.
  • St Pete’s Men’s Club. 11125 156 St NW. 780-451-0703. Highly recommended.
  • Chez Pierre. 10040 105 Street NW. 780-423-2707.
  • Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club. 4635 Gateway Blvd NW. 780-428-2527.
  • High Heels. 5018 1st Avenue.
  • Showgirls Exotic Nightclub. 7103 78th Avenue. 780-463-5550.
  • Yellowhead Motor Inn. 15004 Yellowhead Trail NW. 403-447-2400.

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Erotic Massage Parlors

There are almost 50 Massage Parlors in Edmonton. Usually white girls work in the “studios”. Average cost is $60-$100 for one hour and extras are usually $30-$60 handjob, $50-$100 blowjob and $100-$250 for sex. White ladies usually tend to be more expensive than Asian ladies. Our recommended massage parlors in Edmonton are:

50th Street Massage
8170 50th Street. Phone (780) 469-3885
Very luxurious rooms and hot women.

Aristocrat Massage Studio
9164 23 Avenue. Phone (780) 435-3860
Some hot young blonds and couple of cute brunettes.

Bodycare Massage
12911 B 127 Street. Phone (780) 944-0786
Quite nice looking girls and good selection.

Cloud 9 Erotic Massage Studio
11135 156 Street NW, Edmonton.  Phone (780) 451-9000
Hot women wanting to please you.

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Edmonton Swingers Clubs

Legal and present. Our recommended swingers clubs are:

  • 4-Play. 15120 Stony Plain Road NW, Edmonton. (780) 487-7529. info@4-play.org.
  • Intimate Times. details on request, Edmonton. (780) 903-5658. intimate_times@hotmail.com.

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Edmonton Sex Shops

Legal and present. Our recommended sex shops are:

  • HUSH Canada. 16218 Stony Plain Road NW. 780-705-2559.
  • HUSH Canada. 9876 – 63 Avenue. 780-756-4874.
  • The Traveling Tickle Trunk. 9923 82 Ave NW. 780-469-6669.
  • Source Adult. 11824 St. Albert Trail. 780-454-8341.
  • Source Adult. 12930 97th Street. 780-473-2082.
  • Source Adult. 3364 Parsons Road. 780-468-3178.
  • Source Adult. 7808 Gateway Blvd. 780-432-2803.
  • Source Adult. 13042 50th Street. 780-406-0272.
  • Source Adult. 10046 163rd Street. 780-486-1006.
  • Source Adult. 7404 101st Avenue. 780-450-2405.
  • The Love Boutique. 8157 99 Street NW. 780-432-9233.
  • The Passion Vault. 15239 – 111 Avenue. 780-930-1169. info@thepassionvault.ca.
  • The Love Boutique. 12835 97 St NW. 780-473-3493.
  • The Love Boutique. 737 Kingsway Mall. 780-479-0397.
  • Luv N Stuff. 2684 West Edmonton Mall Phase 2. 780-481-6808.
  • Just For Lovers. 15116 Stony Plain Road. 780-484-1474.
  • Exotic Passions. 12909 127 Street NW. 780-761-0069.
  • Devilz Advocate. 11131 156 Street NW. 780-263-6932.
  • Love N’ Shade. 12715 50 Street NW. 780-413-9487.
  • Times Square Books & Magazines. 15539 Stony Plain Road NW. 780-484-9640.
  • Our Pleasure Parties. 10931 40A Ave NW. 780-465-7410.

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Edmonton Escorts

Edmonton escorts are present, including independent escorts advertising online and escort agencies.

For Edmonton escorts you are best off checking online listing websites. One popular site is www.internationalescortfinder.com . Another is www.adultlistings.xxx. These sites are recommended because they don’t charge Edmonton escorts to list. Therefore there are not just escort agencies or high class Edmonton prostitutes that have a large marketing budget. In other words, you will be able to view Edmonton escorts for all budget sizes.

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Adult Theaters

Legal. But none known of. Please comment below if any open up. Thanks!

For a list of adult theaters throughout Canada, please visit Canada Adult Theaters.


Brothels are illegal throughout Canada. Thanks!

Confused by any of the sex terms on this page? Check out Sex Dictionary for definitions on sex-related terms, abbreviations, and local terms.

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  • John says:

    Prostitute/Escort Report

    The police are cracking down on prostitution in Edmonton, according to CBC.

    Edmonton police finding new ways to battle sex trade. So far this year sting operations have been conducted every other week. This article and an embedded video report says police are concentrating their efforts on prostitution advertised on the Internet (CBC News)

    Grande Prairie Mounties arrest 35 people in four-day prostitution investigation. Jonny Wakefield, Edmonton Journal. Last Updated: November 22,2017 4:51 PM MST. Thirty-four men and one woman have been charged with soliciting sex after a four-day prostitution investigation in downtown Grande Prairie. (Edmonton Journal)

    Johns aged 20 to 70 busted in vice sting by Edmonton police. Edmonton Journal. “More than two dozen men the youngest 20, the oldest 70 were arrested during a three-day city police vice sting. The 26 men were charged after an operation that focused on ‘persons purchasing sexual services from sex-trade workers online’ and those in the Alberta Avenue neighbourhood, along the 95 Street and 118 Avenue corridors. ” “We intend to reduce the demand for buying sexual services through enforcement efforts targeting ‘johns. ‘” (Edmonton Journal)

    Sex workers in Canada say a wave of john stings is making life more dangerous for them. The police division involved “recently changed its name from the vice unit to the Exploitation unit, and conducts most of its john stings online by posting fake ads to attract clients. ” (News Vice)

    • Richard Riding says:

      Prostitute/Escort Report

      Thanks for this! Forewarned is forearmed! Law in Canada makes prostitution legal for the prostitute but illegal for you, the customer. Therefore, be careful how you phrase your requests.

      Apparently there are sting operations also happening in the city’s northeast. Trade workers, professionals, a university student and the unemployed were charged with obtaining of sexual services for consideration. The men are between the ages of 19 and 60. The article doesn’t say if the focus was street prostitutes or the City’s many erotic massage parlors. Estimates are Edmonton has about 40 AMPs. Be careful out there!

      Thanks again for the heads up!

  • Sebastian Charge says:

    Prostitute Report

    I got a nice sloppy blowjob 107 Ave, between 116 St to 101 Street. The prostitute asked if I wanted a BBBJ. No thanks! She was kinda scabby. It cost me $20.

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