Calgary Sex Guide

Calgary Sex Guide

The Calgary sex guide of where to find: Calgary escorts, prostitutes, brothels. red light districts, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs, sex shops. adult theaters, hookers and blow jobs.

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Calgary Sex Guide

Prostitution and brothels are illegal throughout Canada. However, strip clubs, massage parlors, and escorts services are all legal.

Calgary has a well developed sex industry and a lot of action, for Canada. There are Calgary escorts, prostitutes, sex shops, erotic massage parlors, swingers clubs and strip clubs. There are no brothels, adult theaters, or red light districts.

For a map of massage parlors, strip clubs, brothels, swingers clubs, sex shops and adult theaters throughout the world, We also recommend for comprehensive listings.

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Calgary Prostitutes

Illegal but present. Street prostitutes in Calgary charge $20-$40 for hand-job, $30-$60 for blow-job and $50 to $100 for sex. Recommended locations for street prostitutes are:

Third Avenue S.W. and 17th Avenue S.E.

10th and 13th Avenue.

Center Street. Behind the Tower on the other side of the tracks.

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Calgary Strip Clubs

Legal and present. Our recommended strip clubs are:

  • Boudoir Rouge • 907 9th Ave SW • 403-269-7544.
  • Risqué Rouge • 6307 Center Street South • 403-301-4444.
  • The Cathouse • 3064 32 Street NE • 403-301-4445.

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For a list of strip clubs in Alberta, please visit Alberta Strip Clubs.

Calgary Erotic Massage Parlors

Legal and present. Some, but not all, will provide extra services. This often depends on the individual masseuse. You may want to call ahead to avoid embarrassment. The house fee for most massage parlors is $40 to $80.  Hand jobs cost $20-$50, blow jobs cost $40-$80 and vaginal sex costs $60-$150 extra. The recommended massage parlors are:

New Beauty & Health Center
403-277-1122. 1607 Center St NW
$ 80 Asian, Chinese massage. Cash Only.

SR Massage
587-892-9383. 7212 Macleod Trail SE
$ 80.Asian massage. Cash Only.

Pamper Yourself
403-253-7711. 6036 3rd Street SW Suite 200
$ 80 Caucasian massage. Cash Only.

Forever Young
403-457-0146. 207 10th Avenue SW
$ 80 Asian massage. Cash Only.

RN Massage
403-478-9999. 1340 12th Ave SW
$ 80 Chinese, Filipino massage. Visa, Mastercard.

Sweet Spa
403-699-9611. 1311 Center St NW #211
Caucasian, Ebony, Thai massage. Cash Only.

Golden Image Massage
403-250-5480. 5268 Marlborough Dr. NE210
$ 80 Asian massage. Cash Only.

Paradise Spa
403-453-2002. 3155 34 Ave SE
$ 80 Asian massage. Cash Only.

Cleopatra Relaxation Massage
403-277-7819. 2211 Centre Street NW
$ 80 Chinese massage. Cash Only.

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Calgary Swingers Clubs

Legal and present. Our recommended swingers clubs are:

  • CAPC. Calgary. 403-860-2102.
  • Club Exotica. 403-248-4280.
  • Club Rendezvous. couple minutes from Deerfoot Trail. 403-279-6830.
  • Moonlight Magic. Calgary. 403 217 0110.
  • Share Lifestyle Club. Calgary.
  • Charlieboy83. 126 Citadel Circle NW. 403 801 2947.

For a list of swingers clubs in Alberta, please visit Alberta Swingers Clubs.

Calgary Sex Shops

Legal and present. Our recommended sex shops are:

  • HUSH Canada. 104A – 5720 MacLeod Trail SW. 403-453-1040.
  • Little Shop Of Pleasures. 3812 Macleod Trail. 403-287-3100.
  • Little Shop Of Pleasures. 6411 Bowness Road NW, Calgary. 403-247-3103.
  • Trans Canada Adult. 5001 MacLeod Trail SW, Calgary. 403-243-6910.
  • A Little More Interesting. 1501B, 17th Ave SW. 403-475-7775.
  • A Little More Interesting. 1121 Kensington Road NW. 403-521-0210.
  • A Little More Interesting. #104 5211 Macleod Trail SW. 403-719-7646.
  • Adult Source. 10210 Macleod Trail SE. 403-271-7848.
  • Adult Source. 1540 – 16 Ave NW. 403-289-4203.
  • Adult Source. 2323 – 32 Ave NE. 403-769-6177.
  • Adult Source. 4310 – 17 Ave SE. 403-273-2701.
  • For Lovers Only. C-5012 16 Ave NW. 403-286-2233.
  • Just For Lovers. 4014 McLeod Trail, S.E. 403-243-2554.
  • Just For Lovers. 4247 Bowtrail, S.W. 403-282-7125.
  • Erotic XXes Boutique. 4823 MacLeod Trail SW. 403-243-4196.
  • Classics XXX Blue Video. 240 21 Ave NW. 403-277-2583.
  • The Love Boutique. C-2017 Centre Street NW. 403-230-0150.
  • Crimson Lingerie Inc. 1749 -1632 14 Avenue NW. 403-210-2121.
  • Love, Lust and Living. 15138 Aspen Meadows Hill SW. 403-217-2010.
  • Adult Depot. 152 58 Ave SW, Calgary. 403-258-2777.
  • The Love Boutique. 920 36 St., NE. (403) 273-6242.

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Calgary Escorts

Calgary escorts are present.

For Calgary escorts you are best off checking online listing websites. One popular site is . Another is These escort sites are recommended because they don’t charge Calgary escorts to list. Therefore there are not just Calgary escort agencies or high class Calgary prostitutes that have a large marketing budget. In other words, you will be able to view Calgary escorts for all budget sizes.

Red Light Districts

There is no real red light district.


Brothels are illegal throughout Canada. Thanks!

Adult Theaters

Legal. But none known of. Please comment below if any open up. Thanks!

For a list of adult theaters throughout Canada, please visit Canada Adult Theaters.


Confused by any of the sex terms on this page? Check out Sex Dictionary for definitions on sex-related terms, abbreviations, and local terms.

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  • Eric Doiron says:

    Prostitute Report

    There is a hooker called Danica who works on 19th Ave SE. She was good. Very friendly and likes what she does. She is about 5’1/105. Way too good looking to be out in area. Have tried numerous time to get her to stop being a prostitute, but she has a sex addiction as well as other issues. I love her very much. I only wish she would love herself. Treat her with respect.

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