Prostitution in Serbia is illegal and can incur a prison sentence of between 5 and 10 years.

Cities in Serbia

  • Belgrade (Beograd / Београд) — the capital.
  • Kragujevac (Serbian Cyrillic: Крагујевац)— The first capital, industrial hub and the 4th largest city in Serbia.
  • Kraljevo(Serbian Cyrillic: Краљево)-Kraljevo is an important economic center.
  • Čačak(Serbian Cyrillic:Чачак)-Čačak is a city in central Serbia. “Trumpet Festival” in Guca village.
  • Niš(Serbian Cyrillic: Ниш) — The third largest.
  • Novi Sad(Serbian Cyrillic: Нови Сад) — Provincial Capital.
  • Užice (Serbian Cyrillic: Ужице)-is a town in the west.
  • Požarevac(Serbian Cyrillic: Пожаревац) — One of the oldest cities.
  • Sremska Mitrovica(Serbian Cyrillic: Сремска Митровица) – one of the oldest cities in Europe.
  • Subotica(Serbian Cyrillic: Суботица) — one of the most beautiful cities.
  • Vranje(Serbian Cyrillic: Врање) -is located in the southeast.
  • Vršac(Serbian Cyrillic: Вршац) — One of the most beautiful cities.

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