Russia Sex Guide

Russia Sex Guide

The Russia sex guide of where to find: prostitutes; brothels; red light districts; erotic massage parlors; strip clubs; sex shops; swingers clubs; adult theaters; and escorts.

A page in the Europe Sex Guide and Asia Sex Guide – yeah, one of those countries that can be placed in two places, depending on who you speak with.

Russia Sex Scene and Prostitution

Prostitution is not illegal in Russia, although it’s also not strictly legal. There is no shortage of local girls working in Russia’s domestic sex industry.

There are no brothels in Russia, but as the amount of fine for prostitution is very less, the sex business has become widespread in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and every other major Russian city. It has become very easy to find sex in all over Russia. There are around 700,000 to 3 million prostitutes working in Russia and you can also find Russian prostitutes and escorts all over the world. The beauty of Russian girls is among the best in the World.

The best place to find sex in Russia is to visit nightclubs and bars. Unlike night clubs in other red light districts of the world, the night life in Russia starts much later. Most clubs are empty until midnight. To cover up for the late start, the clubs can stay open until the midday the following day!

Escorts, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs, sex shops, and adult theaters are legal.

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Russia Sex Guides

Astrakhan Kirov Oryol Tolyatti
Barnaul Kostroma Penza Tomsk
Belgorod Krasnodar Perm Tula
Bryansk Krasnoyarsk Rostov-on-Don Tver
Cheboksary Kurgan Ryazan Tyumen
Chelyabinsk Kursk Saint Petersburg Ufa
Cherepovets Lipetsk Samara Ulyanovsk
Chita Magnitogorsk Saransk Vladikavkaz
Gelendzhik Moscow Saratov Vladimir
Irkutsk Murmansk Serpukhov Vladivostok
Ivanovo Naberezhnye Chelny Shuya Volgograd
Izhevsk Nizhny Novgorod Smolensk Vologda
Kaliningrad Nizhny Tagil Sochi Volzhsky
Kaluga Novokuznetsk Stavropol Voronezh
Kazan Novosibirsk Sterlitamak Yakutsk
Kemerovo Omsk Surgut Yaroslavl
Khabarovsk Orenburg Tambov Yekaterinburg

Sochi Sex Guide: Known as a town for the rich, Sochi has escorts, strip clubs, erotic massage parlors and street prostitutes.

Russia Red Light Districts

Below are the cities which have red light districts in Russia:

Irkutsk Rostov-on-Don
Kazan Samara
Kemerovo Tambov
Kostroma Tolyatti
Krasnoyarsk Tula
Magnitogorsk Tver
Murmansk Tyumen
Naberezhnye Chelny Vladimir
Orenburg Vladivostok
Oryol Vologda
Penza Yekaterinburg

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Russia Prostitutes (Street Prostitutes)

Street prostitutes in Russia can be found in almost every city. Below are few of the cities where you can find street prostitutes:

Irkutsk Saint Petersburg
Moscow Samara
Nizhny Novgorod Saratov
Novokuznetsk Sochi
Novosibirsk Stavropol
Omsk Ulyanovsk
Orenburg Voronezh
Rostov-on-Don Yaroslavl
Ryazan Yekaterinburg

Russia Brothels

Brothels are illegal in Russia and you will not find them in their classic form. They work under cover in the disguise of strip clubs, sauna clubs, massage parlors and also in studio apartments.The best way to find Russia brothels in any city is to ask a taxi driver to take you to one of the brothel. You just need to tell your taxi driver how much you are willing to pay and he will take you to the brothel that matches your budget.

Saint Petersburg is the only city where we found few brothels. For more list of places to have sex in Russia, please visit strip clubs and erotic massage parlors in Russia. They all are effectively brothels and offers sex services.

If you know of any other brothels in Russia, please comment below or at Russia Brothels.

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Russia Strip Clubs

Legal and present. We found around 282 strip clubs in Russia. Most double as brothels with private rooms. You can visit Russia Strip Clubs for a complete list or you can also visit the following city sex guides which have strip clubs:

Astrakhan Kostroma Penza Tula
Barnaul Krasnodar Perm Tver
Belgorod Krasnoyarsk Rostov-on-Don Tyumen
Cheboksary Kurgan Ryazan Ufa
Chelyabinsk Kursk Saint Petersburg Ulyanovsk
Cherepovets Lipetsk Samara Vladikavkaz
Chita Magnitogorsk Saransk Vladimir
Gelendzhik Moscow Saratov Vladivostok
Irkutsk Murmansk Shuya Volgograd
Ivanovo Naberezhnye Chelny Smolensk Vologda
Izhevsk Nizhny Novgorod Sochi Volzhsky
Kaliningrad Nizhny Tagil Stavropol Voronezh
Kaluga Novokuznetsk Sterlitamak Yakutsk
Kazan Novosibirsk Surgut Yaroslavl
Kemerovo Omsk Tambov Yekaterinburg
Khabarovsk Orenburg Tolyatti
Kirov Oryol Tomsk

Russia Erotic Massage Parlors

Legal and present. We have a list of around 183 erotic massage parlors in Russia. You can visit Russia Erotic Massage Parlors for a complete list or you can also visit the following city sex guides which have erotic massage parlors:

Astrakhan Khabarovsk Nizhny Tagil Sochi
Barnaul Kirov Novokuznetsk Stavropol
Belgorod Kostroma Novosibirsk Sterlitamak
Cheboksary Krasnodar Omsk Surgut
Chelyabinsk Krasnoyarsk Orenburg Tambov
Cherepovets Kurgan Penza Tolyatti
Chita Kursk Perm Tomsk
Irkutsk Lipetsk Rostov-on-Don Tula
Ivanovo Magnitogorsk Ryazan Tver
Izhevsk Moscow Saint Petersburg Tyumen
Kaluga Murmansk Samara Vladivostok
Kazan Naberezhnye Chelny Saransk Volgograd
Kemerovo Nizhny Novgorod Saratov Yekaterinburg

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Russia Swingers Clubs

Legal and present. We found around 40 swingers clubs in Russia. You can visit Russia Swingers Clubs for a complete list or you can also visit the following city sex guides which have swingers clubs:

Saint Petersburg

Russia Sex Shops

Legal and present. We have a list of over 120 sex shops in Russia. You can visit Russia Sex Shops for a complete list or you can also visit the following city sex guides which have sex shops:

Saint Petersburg

Russia Adult Theaters

Legal but none known of. Please comment below or at Russia Adult Theaters if you have any recommendations.

Russia Independent Escorts & Escort Agencies

Russia escorts are legal and present. The cheapest escorts in Russia start around €150 per hour, and the most expensive start around €325 per hour. Subsequent hours after the minimum (1 or 2) hours are usually slightly discounted.

For Russia escorts, especially independents, you are best off checking online listing website This site is popular because they don’t charge the escorts to list. Therefore there are not just escort agencies or high class prostitutes that have a large marketing budget. In other words, you will be able to view escorts for all budget sizes.

Confused by any of the sex terms on this page? Check out for definitions on sex-related terms, abbreviations, and local terms.

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