This page is a Sex Guide of where to find escorts, street prostitutes, brothels, red-light districts, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and sex in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Red Light District

There is no official red light district in Cluj-Napoca.

Street Prostitutes in Cluj-Napoca

  • Street hookers, often gipsy by origin, usually hang around on Turzii street and in front of the main hotels in Cluj.
  • Hookers can also be spotted along the highway leading from Cluj towards Targu Mures.

Bars with Prostitutes

  • Legends Bar in the Best Western Topaz Hotel (Albini street 10 S) has prostitutes inside.

Strip Clubs

Erotic entertainment is mainly provided by the nightclubs in the big hotels in Cluj.

  • In the 4 star Hotel Premier is a nightclub where you can also go private with girls or order them for escort service to your room. Hotel Premier is located on Donath street 100 and has luxurious suites as well as apartments composed from different rooms.
  • Opal Hotel on Constantin Brancusi boulevard148-152 has a nightclub as well.
  • One nightclub is in Onix Hotel located on Septimiu Albini street 12.
  • Moni’s night club, Gorunului street 7A
  • Hot Night Club, Victor Babes street 33
  • Vision, Pitesti street 18
  • Sugar Club, many sexy Romanian dancers and strippers who perform hot shows on stage.


Taxi drivers are the best way to find brothels here.

Massage Parlors

Consult the local paper Piata which has also an on line version. Some recommended locations are:

  • Masaj de lux, Cluj erotic massage salon offering many interesting massage packages like hotel service, sm and lesbi games and shower massage. Tel:0748-272441.
  • Salon Red Lips, Massage parlor in Cluj on Strada Madach Imre 47, over 30 lovely Romanian girls providing erotic massages en shows, incall and outcall service is provided.

Love Hotels

Girl friendly Hotels

  • Hotel Premier on Donath street 100 you can take prostitutes to your room that you can pick up from the hotel nightclub.
  • Opal Hotel on Constantin Brancusi boulevard 148-152. (Also has a night club where you can pick up prostitutes).
  • Onix Hotel on Septimiu Albini Street 12. (Also has a night club where you can pick up prostitutes).
  • In the Legends Bar in the Best Western Topaz Hotel (Albini street 10 S) you can often spot some working girls.

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