There are prostitutes everywhere in Monaco.  Sass Cafe and Black Diamond are prostitutes heavens. Jimmy´Z have younger crowd and not as many pros. You must speak english or french to pick up girls in clubs. The problem in Monaco is that there is so much money in this city, even Russian prostitutes are asking crazy amounts of money like 1000€ for a short time.

Red Light Districts

There is no specified Monte Carlo or Monaco Red-light district. You can travel half hour by taxi to Nice, France where Red-light district is along the main drag close to the airport.


There a girls that work at the Casinos and Night clubs. Usually these Casino Girls charge 500-2000€ for sex. Some supermodel type girls can charge up to 5000€!  Don’t forget that Nice is just a half hour taxi ride from Monaco, where prostitutes are a tenth of the price.

Strip Clubs

There’s no strip club in Monaco, but there is one in Beausoleil, close by:


Clubs and Brothels

Action in Monaco is mostly in the hotels, casinos and nightclubs.

Check out the nightclub called Jimmy’z (where any drink, including water, costs 30€ and a bottle of vodka about 800€). There’ll be a selection high class escorts and prostitutes. Also lots of very old men with girls who look like their granddaughters. Jimmy´z is located at 26 Avenue Princesse Grace, 98000 Monaco, their phone number is +377 98 06 70 68.

Anther night club where you can find professional ladies late at night is the Living room in the Metropole Hotel. Address is 7 Avenue des Spélugues, 98000 Monaco.

Sass Cafe 11, avenue Princesse Grace, Monte-Carlo, Monaco 00377 93 25 52 00

Black Diamond 11 Ave Princesse Grace, Monaco 98000 +377 97 77 00 24 Open Mon-Sun: 11:30pm-4:00am

Best for finding prostitutes is Le Metropole and Loews. Don’t bother with Hotel d’ Paris. Hotel d’ Paris wont hassle if you arrange everything on your own and bring her in, but professional ladies are largely absent from the hotel bars, and the hotel staff is not helpful in this area.

Le Metropole usually has a number of Russians, Moldovan, Romanian, and Ukrainian in the bar in the main lobby.  Expect girls to quote at least 500€ for an hour for everything.

Metropole is filled with Russians girls and they are all beautiful ranging from high 8 to 10.

Loews Hotel is also excellent place. More English speakers here, but if you know any German, Italian, or French you can get around in Monaco. Most will speak some broken English. Again, price will be about 500€. More Italian and Romanian hookers at Loews, but mix of Russians, Poles, and occasional French.

Adult Stores

The closest is:

LA MUSELIERE – 89 montée de la Crémaillère Le Rex 06240 BEAUSOLEIL. Phone 0033 (0) 4 92 15 10 93. Open from monday to saturday 9h30 – 11h30 15h00 – 18h30.

Escort Services

As everyone knows. Escorts in Monaco are super expensive. They are very hot and spending all night with escort will cost you a thousands of euros or over 10000€.

To reduce the cost and increase the range on offer, some choose to fly in an escort from outside the Principality, on a one-visit basis. They normally fly to nearby Nice airport and then get a taxi to your hotel or apartment (around 80 Euro taxi fare). On the other hand, if money is not a problem, you can pay a bit more and date your dream companion as you will be dating an exclusive, young and exceptionally beautiful escort girl who will offer you a very special and discreet escort service in Monaco.


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