Sex Scene and Prostitution

Prostitution is low key and more discreet compared to other European cities.

Red Light Districts

Verkkatehtaankatu. It is a short street just beside McDonalds and Shell restaurant. There are sex shops offering private striptease shows (Privaatti) (see below). There are also Thai Massage parlors. Sweet Ladies, Copacabana & Erotic Bar Hot Cat are located also here.

Street Prostitutes

There is not really any street prostitution in Turku. During the summer time (especially July – due to festivals, tourists, and better weather) you can find some Russian prostitutes close to strip clubs / erotic bars or in the Central Square.

Strip Clubs

Legal and present. There are actual strip clubs and private show places (which are sometime s associated with a sex shop).Cost in the latter is typically €20-30 for 10 minute or €30-40 for 20 minute show. You are allowed to masturbate during the show and at some places girls will offer extra services in the room such as blowjob, hand job or full service. A hand job typically costs 20-40€, and sex for about 100€. VIP escorts can be found in the strip clubs.

Strip Clubs / Erotic Bars

  • Club Malibu, Brahenkatu 16, Sun-Thu 21. 00-02. 00, Fri-Sat 20. 00-02. 00, Entrance 10 euros. http://www.club-malibu.fi/.
  • Blue Room, Uudenmaankatu 10, 20500 Turku, Finland, Mon-Sun 21. 00-02. 00. http://www.blueroombar.net/.
  • Show Time, Käsityöläiskatu 10, 20100 Turku, Finland. Tue-Fri 21. 00-02. 00, Sat 20. 00-02. 00, Entrance 10 euros. http://www.showtime.fi/.
  • Imperia, Uudenmaankatu 10, TURKU, Phone. 041 705 3349.

Private Shows


There are no legal brothels in Turku. But most massage parlours and Private Show places offer hand jobs, blow jobs or sex for a reasonable rate.

Massage Parlors

Asian and Thai Massage Parlors all over the this city. Usually price for half-hour massage is 25-35€ and one hour massage costs 45-60€. Most Asian and Thai massage parlors in Turku offer at least handjobs (20-40€ tip), you can usually also negotiate blow job for (40-60€ tip) or full service (80-100€). It is better to negotiate the whole package at the door, so you do not need to pay for the massage.

Some recommended massage parlors are:

  • Shabathron. Yliopistonkatu / Universitetsgatan 10A (west of Aninkaistenkatu). 040. 8138. 939. Open 08-20h. €25/30min; €50/60min.
  • Ittaya Pranitphonkang. Aninkaistenkatu 3 (south of Yliopistonkatu / Universitetsgatan). 046592176. Open 09-21h.
  • Malai Thai Hieronta. Tuureporinkatu 17A (west of Brahegatan). 040. 855. 6470. Open 09-21h.
  • Sunflower Healthy Thai Massage. Rauhankatu / Fredsgatan 17B (east of Puistokatu / Allegatan). 050. 929. 3347. Open 09-21h. €25/30min; €50/60min Thai or Oily.
  • Laknara Thai Massage. Puistokatu / Allegatan 14B, LH4 (south of Puutarhakatu / Tradgardsgatan). 040. 7366. 054.
  • Luck’s Thai Massage. Stalarminkatu 5 (across river / west bridge). 041. 432. 5670.
  • Turvetuloa Thai Hieronta Massage. Lantinen Pitkakatu 20D (east of Humalistonkatu). 040. 874. 5473. Open 10-22h. €30/30min; €50/60min. €150 total for 30min FS.
  • Turun Perfect Massage. Lantinen Pitkakatu 27C (east of Humalistonkatu). 358. 223. 08122. Open 09-21h. €25/30min; €40/60min.
  • Lamphai Thai Hieronta. Lantinen Pitkakatu 24B (west of Humalistonkatu). 044. 257. 9765. Open 10-21h.
  • Maikham Relax Spa Massage. Humalistonkatu 18A (south of Lantinen Pitkakatu). 045. 325. 9188. Open 09-21h. €30/30min; €55/60min Thai or €35/30min; €59/60min Oil. 300€ full service.
  • PJ2 Massage & Spa. Rauhankatu / Fredsgatan 5B (west of Humalistonkatu). 045. 348. 4458. Open 09-21h. €20/30min; €45/60min Thai or €30/30min; €65/60min Oil.
  • PJ Thaihieronta. Rauhankatu / Fredsgatan 11B (west of Jarrumiehenkatu / Bromsaregatan). Open 09-21h.
  • Ton Khun Thaihieronta. Rauhankatu / Fredsgatan 12A (west of Kasityolaiskatu / Hantverkaregatan). 0400. 299. 167. Open 09-22h. €25/30min; €50/60min.
  • Star Thai Massage. Humalistonkatu 12 (south of Puutarhakatu). 050400969.

Sex Shops

Some recommended sex shops are:

  • Copacabana Verkatehtaankatu 10, 20100 TURKU 02 251 1198.
  • Bella Cosa Maariankatu 8, 20100 TURKU 02 253 5666.
  • Punainen Lyhty Stålarminkatu 2, 20810 TURKU 040 078 2100.

Escort Services

Most escorts in Finland advertise online. Usually a quickie costs 60-100€, half-hour 80-150€ and full hour 150-300€. There are about 50 escorts working from private apartments or hotels in Turku. Most of them are from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia and Russia.

Love Hotels

Some hotels are ok with that if you bring guests in to your room (i.e. are girl friendly).

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