Czech Republic

Prostitution in the Czech Republic is legal, but organized prostitution (brothels, prostitution rings, pimping, etc.) is prohibited. However, prostitution is widespread – especially in Prague and areas near the Republic’s western borders with Germany and Austria. Current estimates indicate there are 30,000 prostitutes in the country. In Prague, the city’s third district (Praha 3), immediately east of the center, is home to much of the city’s sex industry. Prostitutes can be found in the local Czech classifieds newspapers for approximately 1,000 crowns per hour.

There are over 860 brothels in the Czech Republic, of which 200 are in Prague. Most of the country’s prostitution centers are in the Northern Bohemia and Western Bohemia regions and in the capital city. Brothels line the country’s roads to Austria and Germany.

Cities in Czech Republic

  • Prague — the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic.
  • Brno — largest city in Moravia with the annual Moto GP Grand Prix.
  • České Budějovice – attractive large city in South Bohemia.
  • Český Krumlov — beautiful old town in South Bohemia.
  • Karlovy Vary — historic (and biggest Czech) spa resort.
  • Kutná Hora — historical town with famous St. Barbora cathedral.
  • Olomouc — riverside university town.
  • Ostrava — a vibrant local subculture.
  • Opava — former capital of Silesia.
  • Pilsen — home of the original Pilsner Urquell beer.
  • Telč.

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