Cities in Cyprus

Cypriot cities have a variety of historical spellings and writings, all in fairly common use, and which change according to the context, whether it is Greek, Turkish or English. The following list emphasizes traditional English spellings, that will most often be encountered by the traveller.

  • Ayia Napa.
  • Famagusta.
  • Kyrenia Girne.
  • Larnaca Larnaka.
  • Limassol Lemesos “Limasol”.
  • Nicosia (also Nikosia, Lefkosia “Lefkosa”) – the divided capital.
  • Paphos Pafos “Baf”.


Brothels in Cyprus are often called “Nightclubs”. Many of the Nightclubs are located outside of the cities next to the highways or smaller main roads. They are quite easy to notice because of the bright neon colours on the big signs next to the road. Normally there is also a profile of a naked woman in the logo as well.

There are usually a couple of door men outside of these places. They can provide details before you go in.  Prices for one hour varies from 120 to 250 Turkish liras (on the Turkish side), but you may want to ask for costs, and the number of professional ladies present, before you enter as there is often an entrance fee.

Note also that the numerous Cypriot “Cabarets” are also brothels.


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