Panama Brothels

Panama Brothels

Panama Brothels

The following is a list of all known Panama brothels. Please see the individual city sex guides for more information. Please comment below if you know of any other Panama brothels, or if you would like to share an experience. That would be appreciated. We also recommend for comprehensive listings, including strip clubs, sex shops, brothels, swingers clubs, erotic massage parlors, and adult theaters. (Many massage parlors in Panama also offers sex service).


Boca Chica

  • Casa Fraisa. choose from around 20 to 25 beautiful girls.
  • Green bar. quality is not that great. few girls hanging outside in front of it.

Bocas del Toro

  • Aqua Lounge. this is the place where tourists go to have sex. A two minute water taxi ride from Bocas town will take you there.


  • There is a brothel/bar right near the atlantic side border crossing between Costa Rica and Panama. More girls on weekends and the rate for sex is $20.


  • Ask a taxi driver to take you to “Bar de Prepagos” located around Calle 11. Here you can take the girl upstairs for $40. Another option is Radisson 2000 casino located at Calle13 y Paseo Gorgas. Here you will find working girls during night. Do not pay more than $20 to $30. If you think the price is too high, do not argue just pretend to walk away.


  • El Volcancito. next to the Central Bus Station, La Esmeralda, outside the city, and La Rosa, downtown near Milguel de Cervantes square.

Panama City

  • La Nueva Gruta Azul Night Club. ask a taxi driver to take you to Via España. (this is a cheap sex club with some hot Colombian girls. Drinks are cheap and sex will cost you $20. Go there after 7 pm and you will see around 7 girls chatting around)
  • De Ashe. Calle República de Uruguay. +507 263-5692. (The newest Caribbean style sex bar located 2 blocks from Elite II on Calle Uruguay and near to Groucho’s steak restaurant. Action starts late at 11PM. This nightclub in Panama city has live music, large dance floor and low cost drinks. Girls price ranges from $80 to $120 for an hour like other freelancers)
  • Gold Fingers. just past El Miami NIght Club in the Niko’s Café center, El Dorado. +507 22603063. (a brothel cum massage parlor. One hour of sex will cost under $100)
  • Rabbit Hole. LBGT brothel cum massage parlor located next to the gay nightclub Xscape at El Dorado upwards La Amistad street (6535-5361). The only men for men massage parlor. Choose from at least 10 shirtless latin guys which will then take to a room upstairs. Prices are $65 for half an hour and $90 for full hour.
  • La Bombanera. Calle 13E Santa Ana, 1-58, Panama City. 011-507-262-6791. (Bar Fine Out – $250)
  • Bar La Gloria. Calle 1ra. Carrasquilla, Panama City. 011-507-229-1171. (Bar Fine Out – $200)
  • Interiorana. Ave Eloi Alfaro, San Felipe, Panama City. 011-507-262-5038.
  • La Bocatorena. Ave Eloi Alfaro, San Felipe, Panama City. 011-507-262-6710. (Girl Fine Out – $60)
  • La Mayor. Ave Eloi Alfaro, San Felipe, Panama City. 011-507-262-6791. (Girl Fine Out – $60)
  • El Miami NIght Club. El Dorado, Galeria Miami, Local #9, Centro comercial El Dorado, al frente del City Bank Corregimiento Betania, Panamá. 391 93 18. (Strip Club / Brothel)
  • Golden Time. Plaza Mirage. (507) 2600329. (erotic massage / brothel)

Santiago de Veraguas

  • Dulcenia. any cab drivers can take you there.


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