Turks and Caicos Islands Sex Guide

Turks and Caicos Islands

Remember that Turks and Caicos Islands do not have a large local population so most prostitutes are from elsewhere. Regular girls are into white tourists, so you can go to whatever clubs you want and meet up with them.

Street Prostitutes

There is no street prostitution scene in Turks and Caicos Islands just Ladies going home or going to work at the bar.


Strip Clubs and Gentlemen´s Clubs

  • Danny Buoys Sport Bar, located at Grace Bay Road, Providenciales and there are about 10 prostitutes amongst the regulars looking very obvious. Their phone number is 6499465921.
  • Pumpy’s (5-Cays) popular among most locals and tourists.
  • Club 2005 (Downtown) has a nice VIP pool and hot girls.
  • Cameo’s (Airport Road) is the oldest and most “established”.


Limited to bars and gentlemen´s clubs where prostitutes wait for the clients.

Massage Parlors

Most hotels offer massage, where you can sometimes get a happy ending and extra services.

Escort Services

Some international escorts who travel around the world make visits to Turks and Caicos Islands.


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