Cayman Islands Sex Guide

Prostitution is illegal and rarely seen.  There are no “sex clubs” or casinos and you can’t even buy Playboy at a newsstand.


  • George Town

Street Walkers

In the past you were able to find some street prostitutes along Eastern Avenue in George Town. Blowjob did cost only about 15 USD or sex maybe 25-30 USD. Today there are no street prostitutes in Cayman Islands, but some women who are in Cayman Islands with working visa are looking for some guys with cash. The small restaurants and bars in the hinterlands to the small businesses in town and along Seven Mile Beach, all have potential. Along with the time commitment, you have to contend with most businesses being closed on Sundays which happens to be the day off for most of these girls. But they appreciate a supper, a ride to run a few errands, and a relaxing time on the beach or if you can manage to fit them in to one of the few island tourist activities. This will cost you a few bucks, and time, but you get a GF experience in return and some sex possibly.

Erotic massage parlors

You can find massage studios from Cayman Islands, but it is very hard to get anything else than just a massage. If you are lucky and play your cards right, you could get some extra massage.

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