Antigua and Barbuda Sex Guide

Antigua and Barbuda Sex Guide

The Antigua and Barbuda sex guide to: Antigua and Barbuda escorts, prostitutes, brothels, red light districts, hookers, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs, sex shops, blowjobs, adult theaters, and escorts in Antigua and Barbuda.

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  • Saint John’s
  • Codrington
  • Dickenson Bay
  • English Harbour
  • Falmouth
  • Half Moon Bay

Antigua and Barbuda Prostitutes

Best way to enjoy the hot and horny prostitutes in Antigua and Barbuda is to get a cab driver and drive around from a brothel to brothel.

 Antigua and Barbuda Strip Clubs

Strip clubs can be a lot better than the brothels in Antigua. At both Bruces and Stables, you find a lot of out of shape, uninterested and sometimes older ladies who work there. At least in the strip bar, they are usually better looking, have sexier bodies and know that they have to show interest in order to make some cash.

The strip clubs in Antiqua are Blue Diamond, Jam Dung and Club VIP. There was also one called Titi bar in the past, but that seems to have closed down.

Blue Diamond is definitely one of the “upscale” strip clubs. It is pretty lavishly decorated, nice couches, a huge bar, pool table, plus a “pit” area with chairs located around the strippers, as well as fully functioning ac. All in all, its pretty first class.

The only problem is, the prices are super high too. Drinks are about twice of the price than in anywhere else. Same thing for lap dances and fucking.

Club Vip isn’t far from Bruces, and is at least cheaper. Girls aren’t quite as money grabbing as in other places.

And there is also Jam dung which is a name for Jamaica. Similar to VIP, but not as good, as in the women push for money a lot harder, which can be annoying. Also, there are no actual rooms, but only little cubicles with a chair and bench, which makes fucking a little bit difficult.

 Antigua and Barbuda Brothels

  • Wendy’s and Jam Down are located in downtown St. John’s, and have mostly average and sexy looking Jamaican girls. These girls dance as well as have sex with you.
  • Stables and Bruces have a mixture of different nationalities, but a larger proportion of ladies from Santo Domingo. Most of these girls just dance and play a little. Staples is in Cassada Gardens. You make the turn off Old Parham Road next to the auto dealership (Hadeed) and go straight down, then take a left. It is somewhere around that road. Bruces is at the end of Grays Farm, on the road to Five Islands. You take the main road at the corner of the soccer field and go straight down for some time (about 5-10 minutes) and it will be on your left.
  • Excelente is a nice spot not far outside of Paramaribo. There is a nice special room for light BDSM if you’re into that type of stuff. All for 250XCD. Some girls will do anal and other naughty stuff.
  • Tops is about 15min taxi drive from main hotels downtown. Well marked. Bar is decent but very small. Rooms are much nicer than in Diamonds. Prostitutes are mostly Surinamese.
  • Diamonds opens at 10pm. It is close to the hotels. Very close to Hilton and Mariot. Range of hookers. Mostly Brazilians and a few Dominican’s. At least 15 girls. There is usually 4-5 in the 8-9 range. Some in mid range and many in low range. 200 for half hour, and double for full hour. Most girl will either be very horny or act like they really enjoy fucking. You will definitely be happy after a good sex in this place.
  • Condor is comfortable brothel with grade 7-9 hookers. Mainly Colombians. 250 for sex. Air conditioning in the rooms. Anal is not usually available.

 Antigua and Barbuda Escort

Also hotel receptionist and cab drivers will know the numbers to the escort services that locals use and these are much cheaper.

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