Auckland Sex Guide

Auckland Sex Guide

The Auckland Sex Guide to: Auckland escorts, prostitutes; hookers, brothels, red light districts, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs, swingers clubs, sex shops, adult theaters, and escorts in Auckland, New Zealand Sex Guide.

Sex Scene and Prostitution in Auckland

Prostitution and brothels are legal and present. So are massage parlors, strip clubs, escort services, swingers clubs, adult theaters and sex shops.

God bless Auckland! There is even a quasi red light district here. There are Auckland prostitutes, escorts, brothels, hookers, strip clubs, swingers clubs, adult theaters and sex shops. Enjoy!

For a map of massage parlors, strip clubs, brothels, swingers clubs, sex shops and adult theaters throughout the world, we recommend Adult Listings.

Auckland Red Light District

Karangahape Road and Fort Street areas are quasi- red light districts.

Auckland Prostitutes

Street prostitutes are present. Some street prostitute locations are:

Karangahape Road in the center of the city. In the evening/night.

Hunters Corner in Papatoetoe, South Auckland. In the evening/night.

City Road between Queen Street and Symonds Street. In the evening/night.

There are also Auckland escorts.

Auckland Brothels

Brothels are legal and present. Our recommended brothels are:

For a list of brothels throughout New Zealand, please visit New Zealand Brothels.

There are also Auckland escorts.

Auckland Strip Clubs

Strip clubs are legal and present. Our recommended strip clubs are:

For a list of strip clubs in New Zealand, please visit New Zealand Strip Clubs.

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Auckland Erotic Massage Parlors

All of the following massage parlors offer happy endings and extra services:

Upstairs Massage Parlour
112, Andrew Street, Dunedin.

Corporate Angels
188, Cameron Road, Tauranga 3110, Bay of Plenty.

Sensual Relax Massage Centre
146, Karangahape Road.

Top Chinese Massage
844A, Manukau Road, Royal Oak.

Abby’s Chinese Massage
578, Mount Wellington Highway, Mount Wellington.

28 Cavendish Drive Manukau City.

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Auckland Swingers Clubs

Swingers clubs are legal and present. Some recommended swingers clubs are:

For a list of swingers clubs in New Zealand, please visit New Zealand Swingers Clubs.

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Auckland Sex Shops

Sex shops are legal and present. Some recommended sex shop locations are:

Peaches and Cream Megastore Glenfield. 247 Archers Road, Glenfield, North Shore City.

Exclusive Adult Shop K Rd. 460 Karangahape Road, Newton.

Erox Adult Store Panmure. 16 A Queens Road, Panmure.

Basement Adult Shop. 12 Canada Street, Newton.

For a list of sex shops in New Zealand, please visit New Zealand Sex Shops.

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Auckland Adult Theaters

Adult theaters are legal and present. Our recommended adult theaters are:

For a list of adult theaters in New Zealand, please visit New Zealand Adult Theaters.

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Auckland Escorts

Auckland escorts are present. One recommended agency is:

Super Girls Club. 61 Mokoia road, Birkenhead.

Open New Zealand Escorts in a new window. You can further filter the results by selecting “AUCKLAND ESCORTS” as a SUB-CATEGORY; then selecting the “CHANGE CATEGORY” green button.

For Auckland escorts you are best off checking online listing websites. One popular site is . Another is These sites are recommended because they don’t charge the Auckland escorts to list. Therefore there are not just Auckland escort agencies or high class Auckland prostitutes that have a large marketing budget. In other words, you will be able to view Auckland escorts for all budget sizes.

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The Auckland Sex Guide to: Auckland escorts, sex, prostitutes, brothels, red light districts, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs, swingers clubs, sex shops, adult theaters, and escorts in Auckland, New Zealand.

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  • Auckland Sex Guide says:

    Auckland Sex Guide
    Unfortunately, most reviews you find about NZ are very biased. If you google “NZ Girls”, you’ll find the website where a lot of the ladies advertise. There is an adult forum attached to the website and it appears that the reviewers aren’t objective. My experience is that most girls that are talked up are nothing to write home about. My advice is that you do not select based on the reviews alone as you’ll be disappointed. You are better off just going with other website such as the International Escort Finder, or beet still…Here are some places I checked out.

    Perfect Touch. This is a massage parlor and it’s reasonably priced. If you select the right lady you’ll be fine. On my second visit, I picked a lady that was a little heavy in the mid section and it wasn’t a good session. The pictures are airbrushed so they can be deceiving. With that said, I saw 2 other lovely ladies on separate visits, can’t remember their names. One was a nice young blonde around 21, she’s petite and curvy. Really gorgeous girl with all natural goods.

    Doll House. It’s described as Auckland’s best. It is truly the closest to best thing they have. They operate in stealth mode. After you set an appointment they provide you coordinates to a bus stop, where you are supposed to wait and text again upon arrival then await further instructions. It is very weird, but I guess they have good reasons for this. The location is actually nice and clean but the girls are nothing like the pictures and descriptions. My guess is that they really have some great writers. I am also very suspicious of the guys who write reviews for these ladies on the forums. I had to fake diarrhea on the last lady that visited my hotel so I could dismiss her.

    Femme Fatale. Hot garbage. The ladies are haggard looking and some look like they are either on their way to rehab or just picked off the street. I would only bring exactly what you need here. I have a feeling that this place is dodgy. With that said I saw a diamond in the rough, there was a native lady and she looked gorgeous.

    There’s another agency called Black Tie and they are a little pushy with follow up texts and calls. Overall, depending on where you’re visiting from or what brings you to Auckland, it’s a boring city. Maybe the south islands have something better to offer but there’s not much to see here. The scene in Aussie is much better.

  • Auckland Reviewer says:

    Don’t waste your money and time in Auckland. Most of the ads on NZgirls are fake. Forty year old fat, ugly Asians will advertise as being 20 years old with supermodel bodies. There is no customer service ethic in any of the erotic massage parlors, brothels or among the freelancers. That’s the NZ way. There are enough reports here to back up what I’m saying.

    Places like Sydney are much better. Prices are actually cheaper in Sydney and there is more sincerity in the services offered.

  • Joff Brown says:

    These update are from a while ago. I will add more in a few months when I return. Interested in hearing from anyone else in the interem.

    Cleopatra is closed but Lipstik still open.

    All the “street action” streets are extremely inactive, you might be extremely lucky to see one and they will probably be unattractive 40+.

    There’s a newish place on Fort Street near where Lipstik is, called “Massage 28″(I think). Asian girls, full service. $200 for an hour with a Chinese girl and $220 for korean, $10 extra if you pay with eftpos / credit card.

  • Clueless says:

    There seems to be a lot of Auckland brothels. Can anyone provide a recommendation?

    • Victor says:

      Visited Black Tie on Ponsonby recently. Saw Abby based on the pictures on NZLG web site. She seemed to be a bit older than the stated early 20’s, and was a bit heavier than the impression you get from the pictures. She had fair amount of tattoos. On the positive side, she was eager to please and worked hard. I thought she genuinely wanted me to have a good time. I really liked that. Her attitude was positive and pleasant. Overall it was a nice experience.

    • Peter Long says:

      Several years ago on a short Auckland stop ever I had very good time at the Pelican Club.

      The Pelican Club terms itself as an erotic massage parlor and escort agency. Nut is is effectively an Auckland brothel.

    • Tony Armstrong says:

      Femme Fatal without a doubt the best Auckland brothel.

    • Kiwi Matt says:

      Femme Fatal and Pelican Brothels

      I heard one Auzzie say that “everything in NZ is a poor, second rate imitation of what’s available in Australia. The mongering scene is no different. NZ is expensive, the girls have no work ethic, couldn’t care less about customer service and therefore it’s best avoided. I suggest if you are a tourist, save your money and go to Sydney or Melbourne for much better action.”

      Its actually the opposite that applies. I visited Sydney and Melbourne last year. I looked at the Euro parlours. There’s nothing comparable to Femme Fatale Auckland. Nowhere could you simply sit a bar and have a drink with a lady. In Oz they show you 2 or 3 few girls at reception or in a room. And your suppose to choose from that. Only two parlours in Melbourne let you in for a door charge to a NON-alcoholic bar and your not allowed to speak to the girls, and you have to ask the manager which girl your like to speak to. Its just odd. All the parlours were advertising dozens of girls but just had 3 or 4 girls at most.

      For Kiwi and Euro girls in Auckland all roads lead to Femme Fatale. End of Story. No where in Australia can you sit at a bar, have a drink and a chat with any of 20 girls. I’ve meet Aussie guys there from business and they all sing the praises of Femme Fatale. I say to Aussie’s catch a flight here. And its far better priced.

      Femme Fatale & Pelican are the main parlours in Auckland. But Pelican is highly Madamed, almost every client is asked to ‘step’ aside for a hallway ‘chat’. I seen their some customers harassed and leave. I don’t know why they do it, obviously it works for some. Just not for me.

      At Femme Fatale there’s no Madame ‘chats’. But perhaps a form of ‘introductions’ might just help some. I saw a short suited man try make a booking at reception, he was told ‘go speak to the lady’, he just stood there. I sorry but I just laughed, he was clearly intimidated to interrupt the girl. She’d be speaking and drinking with another girl or guy and sometimes the girls just don’t want to be interrupted. A couple of years back reception would make the booking and ring through to the bar and the 2 could speak at reception. It would be in their best interest to make more money. Isn’t that the point?

      There’s no Madame system at Femme Fatale so one or another girl will arise as such. I seen one girl feel rejected so she told the others to avoid him. Nonsense. I been lucky myself. I’m gentlemanly upstairs, sometimes I just sit and listen. Some new Girls may feel unease of unknown customers. Perfectly Understandable. But perhaps a sort of reference system might help. I’m sure they do so for bad customers, LOL. But overall Femme Fatale is by far and away the best for both customers and girls. The girls are offered better surroundings, good manageress’s and greater flexibility and freedom than other establishments. Good on them. Thank you.

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