Palestine Sex Guide

Prostitution is illegal


  • Bethlehem – An ancient city much like many others in the West Bank, Bethlehem is also the site of Christian holy places such as the Church of the Nativity.
  • East Jerusalem – Though East Jerusalem is predominately Palestinian in population and considered by Palestinians as the capital of Palestine and by the UN to be part of Palestine, the traveller should be aware that East Jerusalem is under Israeli control and is considered by Israel to be part of its capital. Popular sites include the Old City, and holy places such as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Al-Aqsa Mosque.
  • Gaza – The largest city in the Palestinian Territories, with 450,00 people, Gaza city is a coastal city and the administrative capital of the Gaza Governorate. It is also home to Palestine Stadium which serves as the home of the Palestine national football team. In recent years, Gaza has been damaged in the Israeli-Palestian conflict and by Israel’s and Egypt’s blockade of the Gaza Strip. These blockades have now been partially eased, but the Gaza Strip current cease-fire with Israel is tense and travellers should remember that the area is considered a War Zone, and avoid it if possible until the travel advisories are lifted.
  • Hebron – A city whose highlights include a stunning old city and glass and pottery factories tainted by its division into Israeli-controlled H1 and Palestinian-controlled H2.
  • Jenin – the West Bank’s northern-most city, only 26km from Nazareth.
  • Jericho – the ‘Oldest City in the World’, Jericho is also around 400m below sea level.
  • Nablus – Nablus is considered the commercial capital of the West Bank. It is known for its old city and its furniture trade.
  • Ramallah – the administrative capital of the West Bank and temporary host to the PNA, Ramallah is a magnet for Palestinians seeking work as well as foreign activists.


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