Lahore Sex Guide

The sex guide to: prostitutes, brothels, red light districts, massage parlors, strip clubs, sex shops, adult theaters and escorts in Lahore, Pakistan.

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Red Light Districts

Heera Mandi (or the Diamond Market) is a well-known and openly ignored red light district.

Here, women are paid to perform Mujras and other forms of sensual dances and pure sex. The prices for action is 100Rs for locals and 200Rs for tourists.

Street Prostitutes

Heera Mandi is the best place to find street prostitutes.

Strip Clubs in Lahore

In Heera Mandi you can find Mujras. Mujras are girls offering dance, kind of a lap dance, but not even close. Usually during the dance session she gives sex offers and you can make a deal.


There are no legal brothels in Lahore, but you will find action in Heera Mandi.

Massage Parlors

You’ll find a few Chinese massage parlors, all of them offers sex (with a Chinese girl). There are also few western standard hotels with a massage services.

Sex Shops

There are no legal sex shops in Pakistan.

Escort Services in Lahore

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