Mongolia Sex Guide

Prostitution in Mongolia is illegal.


  • Ulaanbaatar – the capital and starting point for most travel in this country.
  • Choibalsan – large industrial city in the East.
  • Erdenet – Mongolia’s second largest city and home to one of the world’s biggest copper mines and a famous carpet factory.
  • Hovd – A historic city at the crossroads of traditional Mongol and Kazakh culture.
  • Karakorum – the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire, established by Genghis’ son Ogedei.
  • Mörön – Capital of Hövsgöl province.
  • Ölgii – a town in Mongolia’s far western corner – capital of the Kazakh Region, Bayan-Ölgii province.
  • Tsetserleg – the capital of Arkhangai province.
  • Uliastai- the capital of Zavhan province.
  • Ondorkhaan- the capital of Khentii province.


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