Iran Sex Guide

Prostitution is illegal, and incurs various punishments ranging from fines and jail terms to execution for repeat offenders. However, prostitutes are visible on some street corners of the major cities. Mainly from Azeri, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  It has been estimated that as many as 85,000 prostitutes are in Tehran alone.


  • Tehran – the vibrant capital.
  • Kermanshah – one of the oldest cities.
  • Hamedan – one of the oldest.
  • Isfahan – former capital and popular tourist destination. “Isfahan is half the world.”
  • Kerman – provincial capital, one of Iran’s oldest cities, and major centre for carpets.
  • Kish Island – a large resort island in the Persian Gulf.
  • Mashad –  an important mosque, the shrine of the martyr Imam Reza
  • Qom – one of the holiest cities in the Middle East, considered the Jewel of Iran.
  • Shiraz – a former capital, home of famous Persian poets; known for gardens, especially roses.
  • Bushehr –  one of the first civilized cities in Iran. Formerly called Reeshehr.
  • Tabriz – possibly the site of the Biblical “Garden of Eden”.
  • Yazd – a remote desert city.

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