Hyderabad Sex Guide

This page is a Sex Guide of where to find sex, working girls, prostitutes, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Hyderabad, India.


Street Prostitutes in Hyderabad

For full service with a medium quality street prostitutes is 50 INR to 200 INR. Starting quotes can be as high as 1500 INRs. However, there are also loads of lower quality prostitutes on the streets. You can try your luck in the following places, mainly after 11:00 pm.

  • RTC Cross road.
  • Punjagutta Circle.
  • Secunderabad Railway Station.
  • Nagarjuna Circle.
  • Gymkhana ground.
  • Imax theatre area.
  • NTR gardens.
  • Tank bund.
  • Vengalrao park.

Strip Clubs in Hyderabad

Strip clubs in India are illegal, but there are many of them mostly in low-class areas of the cities.

Brothels in Hyderabad

Brothels in India are illegal, but in practice are restricted to certain areas of any given town.

There are many brothels in Hyderabad in in the following areas.

  • Habeeb colony in Vattepally
  • Hassan Nagar
  • Nawab Sahab Kunta
  • Hafiz Baba Nagar
  • Amanagar
  • Kishanbagh
  • Bandlaguda

Massage Parlors

Info needed

Sex Shops


Escort Services

Escorts cost 300 USD (18,000 Indian Rupees) for a two hour sessions. The price increases to 575 USD (35,000 Rupees) for 4 hours, and 750 USD (45,000 Rupees) for the entire night.

Love Hotels

There are plenty of rooms known by prostitutes for short term rental.


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