Tunis Sex Guide

Prostitution in Tunisia is illegal, but, as in many other countries, the laws that ban prostitution are ignored and there are many brothels, tolerated and regulated by the authorities. Libyans consider Tunis their “Amsterdam”.

hostess bars near Avenue Habib Bourguiba or the discotheques such as Pyramids a short drive from the centre. If they are on a budget they can also visit the legalized brothels in the old city.

Red Light Districts

Inside the Bab el Finga medina door the first alley is closed by two half walls as a chicane. This is the only entrance to that small red district (about 100 meters wide). Inside each opened doors 2 or 3 ladies sitting, half dressed, some in night clothes with slippers! About 40 ladies, most of them middle-aged and unattractive. Almost all have flappy bellies. Price to have sex with prostitute in Tunis is around 20 euros.

Check also Red light districts in Sousse.


Many of the coffee places in Tunis where you can see girls sitting without a male are most likely prostitutes. If you get and eye contact with a smile, you can be sure. Just approach and ask for price. Price range from 10€ to 50€. Try to learn few words in arabic it helps a lot with the price.


One street for street prostitutes is situated on a narrow street just a hundred metres or so behind the British Embassy and is said to have about fifty prostitutes and equal number of rooms.

Strip Clubs


There is a brothel on Rue Boussen and many others. Doctors visit the premises to ensure the sex workers are healthy.

Massage Parlors

Some of hotels in Tunis have massage services.

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