Cairo Sex Guide

Cairo Sex Guide

This Cairo Sex Guide of where to find: Cairo escorts, prostitutes; brothels; red light districts; erotic massage parlors; strip clubs; sex shops, and adult theaters. Egypt Sex Guide. Africa Sex Guide.

Cairo Sex Guide

Cairo should not be on your lists as a sex tourism destination. However, there is a very limited adult entertainment scene here. Prostitution is illegal but some prostitutes are present. Both the provider and client can be charged. Egyptian escorts are not necessarily legal, but are present. Legal erotic massage parlors are not present, however there are massage parlors where a happy ending may be possible. Strip clubs, adult theaters and sex shops are not present. Brothels are not legal and not present. There is a (very) quasi red light district.

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Red Light District

The Arab League Boulevard, located in central Mohandessin, and Haram Avenue, is the closest area to a red light district in Cairo.


Coffee Shop Prostitutes

Lower quality prostitutes catering to Egyptian men can be found in coffee shops. Expect to pay about 15 USD.

Street Prostitutes

Head to Haram Avenue in Mohandessin, around the tourist hotels. Medium quality prostitutes.

Hotel Prostitutes

Higher quality prostitutes (about100 USD) can be found in fancy Cairo hotels. The prostitutes will be in the lobby area. They will be wearing lots of makeup. Try the following hotels: Marriot, Four Season, Hilton and Sheraton Heliopolis. Give the bartender some baksheesh for further info.

Erotic Massage Parlors

Some of high class hotels have massage services which may agree to happy endings. Often you go in, take a massage and then negotiate the price in the room.

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Cairo Escorts

There are escorts in Cairo.

Rasya a Cairo Escort:

For Cairo escorts you are best off checking online listing websites. One popular site is Egypt Escorts. This site is recommended because it does not charge Egyptian escorts to list. Therefore there are not just escort agencies or high class prostitutes that have a large marketing budget. I.e. you will be able to view escorts for all budget sizes.

Love Hotels

Usually hotels require marriage certificate for having a girl in your room whether it is your girlfriend or a prostitute. Most muslim countries act this way.

Strip Clubs

Not present.


There are no brothels.

Adult Theaters

Not present.

Sex Shops

Not present.


Confused by any of the sex terms on this page? Check out Sex Dictionary for definitions on sex-related terms, abbreviations, and local terms.


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  • Dave Stokes says:

    Forget about finding hotels in Cairo that are girl-friendly. There are none.

  • Monger Joe says:

    Madam Randa had this sweet and beautiful 22 year old redhead for me yesterday.

    Met her in a renowned Maadi location, and took her straight to my crib.

    An amazing BBBJ with surprisingly clean pussy. A GFE experience with a lot of DFK and hugging.

    As soon as I entered her, I heard a loud contraction from her pussy which indicated that she had an enormous orgasm. The bed-sheet was full of her milk.

    Did missionary and cowgirl.

    After first round, tried to enter her anal but as she was so tight and I was in a hurry decided to just provide with regular sex. More of the same but doggy this time.

    Total Damage: LE 2400.

  • Mohammed says:

    It has been a long time since I wrote here, I just want to share this amazing experience with you, I managed to get a massage parlor contact in El Haram Area, That offers a Full intercourse, I text the madam on watsapp first to know the regular information and see if I can get a couple of photos for girls there, I choose Rana, a 27 YR old, married woman, very friendly, and a great cock sucker she literally treated him like a lollipop, We started I went to the place and the madam guided me to the room then she joined, pretty slim body with a couple of grenades on her chest, I started kissing her like I a hungry animal, then went to eat those boobs, then kissing again, then she went down and gave me that amazing BJ, seriously from haven, I lift her on the table and spread wide her legs and started fucking that shaved amazing pussy, I couldn’t hold it for a couple of minutes as I didn’t t touch a woman for months now, I exploded after a short while, then we chit chatted for a while, then we went back again kissing and cuddling, then went doggy, then cowgirl, then Missionary and I exploded the second one inside her, which she didn’t have a problem with.

    Total damage: 2000 / HR.

    Face: 7.

    Body: 7.


    Experience: 10.

    Looking to share the contacts with madams in Giza or Cairo areas.

  • Dave Stokes says:

    The Cairo escort called Rasya gave the best sex of my life! Thanks sweetie!

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