This page is the adult entertainment guide of where to find: sex; prostitutes; brothels; red light districts; massage parlors; strip clubs; sex shops; adult theaters; and escorts in Algeria, Africa.

Sex Scene and Prostitution in Algeria

Prostitution and brothels are illegal. Both the provider and client can be charged. Escorts and escort agencies are legal, however, as you are only actually paying for companionship. All other activities occur between consenting adults of legal age in private. Massage parlors, strip clubs, adult theaters and sex shops are not present.

For a map of massage parlors, strip clubs, brothels, swingers clubs, sex shops and adult theaters throughout the world, we recommend

Cities in Algeria

  • Algiers.
  • Annaba.
  • Batna.
  • Bechar.
  • Constantine.
  • Oran.
  • Sétif.

Red Light Districts in Algeria

Not present.

Street Prostitutes in Algeria

Prostitutes will ask outrageous prices – as much as 400 USD. Always negotiate. You shouldn’t pay more than 4000 DINARS for a short stay and a bit more for an hour. Prostitutes can be found in the following locations.

  • Hotel M (bar or lobby area).
  • Hotel S (bar or lobby area, girls might be expensive).
  • Hotel Aurassi (bar or lobby area).
  • You can ask taxi driver to take you to some Cabarets.
  • You can try some ‘salons de thés’, for example Terrasse wich is located in Sidi Yayia, close to the Société Générale close to it. There are sometimes some nice and not expensive prostitutes.
  • The Cappacino is a good choice. Go inside to the 2nd or 3rd floor. But sometimes none.
  • Another place nearby The Cappacino is Kheima.
  • During the day you can go to the salon de thés in Sidi Ihia (downtown down Hydra opposite the Mango shop roundabout). But they close at 10:00 pm.
  • In Palm beach you have several hotels with cabaret-restaurant and discos where you can pickup prostitutes.

Strip Clubs

Not present. We recommend for a full list.

Massage Parlors

Not present. We recommend for a full list.

Adult Theaters

Not present. We recommend for a full list.

Sex Shops

Not present. We recommend for a full list.

Escorts in Algeria

Legal. Please use the search function in the top right hand corner of this page.

For escorts you are best off checking online listing websites. One popular site is . Another is These sites are recommended because they don’t charge the escorts to list. Therefore there are not just escort agencies or high class prostitutes that have a large marketing budget. In other words, you will be able to view escorts for all budget sizes.

Confused by any of the sex terms on this page? Check out for definitions on sex-related terms, abbreviations, and local terms.

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